Thomas Ravenel, Ashley Jacobs reunite? Southern Charm star spills tea

SOUTHERN CHARM -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: (l-r) Austen Kroll, Naomie Olindo, Shepard Rose, Ashley Jacobs, Andy Cohen, Kathryn Dennis, Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks, Chelsea Meissner -- (Photo by: Bravo)
SOUTHERN CHARM -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: (l-r) Austen Kroll, Naomie Olindo, Shepard Rose, Ashley Jacobs, Andy Cohen, Kathryn Dennis, Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks, Chelsea Meissner -- (Photo by: Bravo) /

Thomas Ravenel isn’t on Southern Charm this season, but Ashley Jacobs has returned. Is Kathryn Dennis’ enemy still with Kat’s baby daddy? One star has the answer.

Thomas Ravenel is banished from Southern Charm following allegations including sexual assault.

But the season of Bravo’s popular hot mess express returned with a big bang that included references to Ravenel that clearly upset Kathryn Dennis.

And that’s sparked the question: Is Ashley reunited with Thomas despite his scandal? One Southern Charmer spilled all the tea.

Ashley Jacobs’ Southern Charm role without Thomas Ravenel leaves cast ‘shocked’

Ashley and Thomas aren’t seen on Southern Charm together this season, but that doesn’t stop cast members like newbie Eliza or old-timer Shep Rose from dishing on both Ravenel and Jacobs.

Cast members admitted that they weren’t thrilled to see Thomas’ girlfriend return per ET.

From Ravenel baby mama Kathryn to grande dame Patricia Altschul to I-wanna-kiss-all-the-girls womanizer Shep and beyond, the cast seemed united about Jacobs in their feelings of distaste.

“I was shocked when I saw Ashley,” confessed Voice Of Reason Cameran Eubanks.

"I was hoping that if [Ashley Jacobs] had any sense, she would go back to California, which is her home, which is where she’s from, where all her family and friends are. I cannot believe she stuck around."

But to Kathryn Dennis’ obvious dismay, “stick around” she did!

Thomas Ravenel ex-girlfriend sounds off on Ashley Jacobs

And even though Thomas wasn’t with Ashley, Kathryn made it clear that she still associates Ravenel with Jacobs, particularly after the explosive reunion during season five of Southern Charm.

Ashley infamously referred to Kathryn as “”nothing but a baby mama” and an “egg donor.”

Now Dennis believes that Jacobs “self-destructs,” contending that “it’s hard to come up with words to talk about her because she doesn’t make sense herself.”

Moreover, Kathryn feels that the newest member of the cast, Eliza Limehouse, made friends with Ashley “behind everyone’s back” and then lied about it. And it doesn’t help that Eliza has befriended Ravenel as well.

“[Eliza] told all of us she wasn’t friends with Ashley,” said Dennis. “She is, she’s still friends with Thomas, as well.”

Patricia sounds off on Ashley Jacobs, Thomas Ravenel relationship

Patricia revealed that she is “happy with the end result of Ashley Jacobs,” promising that viewers will “like” the big finale party that wraps up the season.

The famous grande dame of the south revealed that Jacobs was “gunning” for her.

Both Kathryn and Patricia revealed rumors that Jacobs is planning a return to Charleston, with Thomas seen surveying apartments in the building where his girlfriend once resided.

“Who knows if they are together or not together,” Kathryn says of Ashley and Thomas. “They probably don’t know either, and that’s probably how it always will be.”

But Patricia had the last word, revealing that Ravenel and Jacobs are back together.

She shared that she knew someone who had a Close Encounter of the Thomas Ravenel kind. Asked if he was still with Ashely, Thomas admitted that he was,.

“[Thomas Ravenel] said, ‘Well, yeah. Who else am I going to get?'” revealed Patricia.

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