Southern Charm: A Salt and Battery, A Gaslighting Special

SOUTHERN CHARM -- Season:6 -- Pictured: Shep Rose -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)
SOUTHERN CHARM -- Season:6 -- Pictured: Shep Rose -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo) /

Welcome back to Charleston, where the boys do whatever they want, and the girls also do whatever the boys want.  Such Southern Charm.

Kathryn Dennis introduces us to her new boyfriend, Joseph Abruzzo, on last night’s Southern Charm episode.

Joseph came over to Kathryn’s palatial new home, and he brought her some flowers and champagne.  She proceeds to chop the flowers on her rented $6,600 a month countertops.

Unfortunately, they’ve already broken up.  She says he was just sort of a shady character and it wasn’t lining up with that she was looking for in a relationship.

While the girls are all worried about Kathryn making bad decisions, both financially and personally, the boys are basically gaslighting Craig at every corner.

Craig and his pillow fortune

Any time Craig takes one step back, or even forward, maybe even sideways, the guys tear him apart.  After tearing him apart and mocking him, they ask why he’s so upset?

Craig may not be the stereotypical Charleston boy with his mailbox money, but he seems the most comfortable with himself.  Especially around his pillows.

I can’t believe baby-voice-using-cheating-on-his-girlfriend-can’t-make-a-beer-Austen Kroll has the audacity to mock Craig.  It’s seriously a joke.

Shep Rose even says he’s going to adopt a dog and name it Craig, so he can “discipline it.” Not so Southern Charm-ing. 

The boys arrive at their campsite, hit a tree with the RV, and can’t even get the door of the RV open to start their adventure.  Watching these boys cook gives me anxiety.  Throw me into the open flame, for I am well-done.

Why is Eliza still here?

Bravo executives must be getting paid off by the Limehouse trust fund because I cannot figure out why they are pushing her presence on my TV so heavily.

She’s so uninteresting.  We understand your family is prominent in the area and that you have horses and a plantation.  Please go. Do I sound like Shep?

If the show is looking to fill the hole that Thomas Ravenel left, I don’t think Eliza is filling it.

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Southern Charm will be back next Wednesday at 8 PM ET on Bravo.