Another season ends this week for Real Housewives of New Jersey


Time can certainly fly when the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars stir the pot and go over the top with personal jabs. 

Season 8 of Real Housewives of New Jersey ended way too soon.  RHONJ fans were definitely ready for more drama with Siggy Flicker and Margaret Josephs. Sadly…or not, we will bid farewell to Siggy when the last reunion is shown.

Siggy is leaving after her sophomore season after sharing a letter of resignation just weeks before the season ended. I think she was politely asked to leave after her episodes of being fairly unstable were shown to all of us this time around.

It seems like not too long ago, cake was being thrown

The drama started this year with Melissa’s cake being thrown during a celebration in Florida. That was our first peek of Siggy and her emotional state in Season 8. Somehow, the cake debacle followed throughout the season in one form or another.

When you think of this season and the outrageous happenings, Siggy Flicker’s name has got to be included. From the mentioned cake throwing, laying on the floor in happiness, to the un-called for pointing at Margaret Joseph as an “anti-semitic”, Siggy was there front and center.

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The season ends this week with a peek at Teresa Guidice visiting Joe. Joe was not in the spotlight at all this season. There appear to be rumors of Teresa thinking about leaving Joe. That decision would not surprise me.

Teresa kept her cool as much as possible this year. The closest she got to violating her probation was the confrontation with Kim G. who always brings something nasty to the show when she appears.

The girls being asked to leave the Milan restaurant for being loud and boisterous was not pretty and could have ended in a bad way with the Italian officials. Plus, the last thing I would want to do while being in such a pretty city and country is to bring up personal issues. Save that for your return trip home!

The Guidice “girls” have more freedom to dress as they please since Dad is no longer there at this time to criticize. I say the gals need to be roped in a bit more by Teresa’s Dad as they could very well get out of control quickly. Teresa already knows that she’s a push over and one of her daughters complained earlier this season that she wasn’t strict enough.

Who is Dolores Catania?

The fans got a peek at the unique relationship between Dolores Cantania and her former husband, Frank Catania. Her ex-husband was shown living with Dolores and the kids. I find this very odd but it seemed to work out for them.

Frank has been in the news for “knowing misappropriation” of client funds, which means it wasn’t a bookkeeping error or some kind of mistake. Frank knew he was spending the money his client had entrusted to him in escrow.

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Apparently, these problems happened before during and after the filming of this season and might explain why Frank lives with Dolores. Nevertheless, it is still a strange relationship that I don’t fully understand.

Dolores background has never been mentioned. According to Bravo, she  has “mastered reinvention: She started as a correction officer, then trained to be a surgical technician, and has fueled her passion for all things New Jersey as a licensed realtor for 15 plus years at Premier Realty and most recently opened two Powerhouse Fitness Centers.” Too bad her positive attributes and success at business were barely, if ever, brought up.

What is the deal with the Gorga’s restaurant?

We saw Melissa and Joe Gorga open up a restaurant which looked like it had wonderful food. Recently, it has been reported the restaurant was closed or sold. The jury is out on just exactly has happened to it. Did they really try to open a successful restaurant or was this just a RHONJ storyline?

And finally, the new gal. Margaret Josephs was a good addition to the group. She brought in a bit of sense and stability. She was no-nonsense and gave back as good as she took from Siggy and her never-ending accusations about Margaret. Looks like she will be back next season and glad to have her stay with the gals in New Jersey.

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Next on the docket after the last episode will be the always epic reunion shows. With Siggy knowing she will be gone when we see the reunion, this should be one of the most memorable goodbyes ever! So, on to the reunion and hang on because my guess is it is going to be wild!