Kameron Westcott’s pink dog food is getting bad reviews but she says they are fake

Photo by: F. Scott Schafer/Bravo
Photo by: F. Scott Schafer/Bravo /

It’s clear that Kameron Westcott likes pink but do consumers really want pink dog food? 

Kameron Westcott’s love of animals is endearing. Her insistence on creating and marking pink dog food is not. Fans have watched Kameron push her pink dog food dreams throughout Season 2 of RHOD and now the whole thing is turning into a big pink mess.

SparkleDogs, the premium dog food brand that Westcott is slinging has been under fire lately after a rash of bad reviews. It turns out that bright pink dog food just might not be a good idea and according to the reviews, it’s making animals sick.

Initially, SparkleDogs reviews were great according to The Daily Meal. Those who allegedly tried the product out first had nothing but great things to say about the hot pink dog food. Now that the food is on the market, more reviews having been coming in and based on those, some are wondering whether the initial reviews were even real.

In the new batch of reviews, complaints ranged from explosive diarrhea to pink puke. Animal owners also warned that the dye used to turn the product pink was also staining everything else that it touched and where the pink poop touched too.

“Don t do it. My moms vet told her it was poisoning her dog. Dog was dehydrated, vomiting, diarrhea, and very weak and not himself. This should be banned,” one of the shocking reviews claimed.

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Another review says, “My dog accidentally ate this when we were visiting a friend and her pup. I’m not sure if my dog is allergic to the artificial color additives, or if it just wasn’t good for his system, but he threw it up all over a beige couch. The couch is now STAINED an awful pale pink color because of the dye my friend wants me to pay for a new couch. This product is absurd and unnecessary.”

Overall, right now SparkleDogs premium dog food has an overall rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. However, the most recent reviews have been mostly bad, with those who purchased the pooch food complaining of some very alarming issues.

Rather than fixing problems with the problematic pink food, Kameron Westcott is crying foul on the newer negative reviews. She claims those are the fake reviews and that she’s working with Amazon to have them removed according to Page Six.

“We have contacted Amazon and they are removing the fake reviews that have been created to sabotage our business,” the RHOD star claims. “The 1 star reviews were done by people who never purchased the product and [are] meritless. Based on internal tests we have found that dogs bowel movements are unaffected by our food.”

Whether the reviews are real or not, there are just so many questions about pink dog food. I mean, my first question is why? Considering that it takes artificial food coloring just to get the right hue (red #3 according to the ingredient list) I think I’ll pass on making pink a priority in terms of pet food.

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After all, people that purchase this product are looking for the best premium food for their pet. While SparkleDogs does claim to be gluten and grain free, the use of artificial colors for no reason other than to tickle the owner’s love of pink is just weird.