Dolores Catania flips out on Danielle Staub, screams ‘Welcome back, Scumbag!’ in epic RHONJ moment

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A scene from last night’s episode of RHONJ may put the showdown between Dolores Catania and Danielle Staub on the list of most shocking Real Housewives moments. 

Last night on Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dolores Catania finally snapped. It was no secret that she doesn’t like Danielle Staub. While Teresa Giudice may have made amends, her longtime friend Dolores is not so keen on kissing and making up with her RHONJ nemesis.

It seems that Dolores Catania and many RHONJ fans haven’t forgotten Season 1 when Teresa flipped a table on Danielle. How did she go from thinking Danielle is a “prostitution whore” to buddying up in the divide that has pitted Teresa, Melissa, Danielle, and Margeret against Siggy and Dolores?

When Danielle told the rest of the RHONJ stars during a sitdown that Dolores had come to her privately and warned her about going into business with Teresa, that’s when she flipped her lid.

“You motherf**king liar!” Dolores shrieked while standing over Danielle and pointing angrily in her face. “I never said that! You’re a f**king liar! I never said that. You’re a f**king liar! You’re a crazy scumbag. Welcome back, scumbag! You’re a crazy person.”

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Unfortunately, the meetup Danielle was referring to was not filmed so there’s no way to really know what was and was not said between them. However, considering that Dolores Catania has been friends with Teresa Giudice for more than 20  years, it’s hard to imagine that she would go to Danielle Staub, whom she already didn’t trust, and warn her about anything.

It’s easier to believe what Dolores warned Teresa about and the real reason that Danielle might be back and working so hard to get in everyone’s good graces. Aside from being good for the RHONJ ratings, is it really that far-fetched to think that maybe she did come back to get revenge?

After all, Teresa went on to star in every season of Real Housewives of New Jersey after Danielle’s exit. Even when Teresa went to prison, RHONJ production halted and only restarted when she got out.

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It’s hard to tell who Teresa will believe considering how crazy Season 8 of RHONJ has been. On one hand, she’s had a long friendship with Dolores that spans decades. On the other hand, Teresa also has Danielle and Margaret in her ear and both have been working hard to make Teresa doubt Dolores’ loyalty.