That Lindsay Lohan reference has been edited out of 'Mean Girls'

"Mean Girls" New York Premiere
"Mean Girls" New York Premiere / John Lamparski/GettyImages

The movie adaptation of the Mean Girls musical has been released digitally -- and one joke that referenced the original Cady Heron has been edited out of the release.

In the original cut of the movie, Megan Thee Stallion has a cameo in which she's shown in a TikTok video in front of a photo of this version's new Cady Heron, played by redheaded actress Angourie Rice, and says, "Okay, so somebody sent me this look and I was like, ‘Hot girls, we are going back red, Y2K fire crotch is back."

For many fans watching the film, the Megan Thee Stallion appearance was nothing more than a fun cameo. Along with having a cameo in the movie, Megan Thee Stallion did a song for the soundtrack with the remake's new Regina George, played by actress and singer Renee Rapp, called "Not My Fault" which samples a line of Lindsay Lohan's from the movie and has lyrics that play off of an iconic quote from the film.

But, for some other fans and for Lindsay Lohan herself, the joke was anything but harmless. According to a rep for Lindsay Lohan, the reference left her "hurt and disappointed." But why?

The "fire crotch" reference dates back to 2006 when Brandon Davis, oil heir and then-boyfriend to Paris Hilton who was majorly feuding with Lindsay Lohan at the time, referred to Lindsay Lohan as a "fire crotch," along with other hurtful insults lodged at her that put him in the headlines and gave Lindsay Lohan a hurtful new nickname in the tabloids.

According to Lohan's representative, no one had asked or even warned her about the nickname being used as a joke in the film. Although it was clearly intended to be a callback to the fact that Lindsay Lohan had played Cady Heron and the actress taking on the role now was being complimented, she reportedly did not see it as one.

As pointed out by users on X (formerly Twitter), the line has been quietly edited. Now, instead of Megan Thee Stallion referencing the 2006 tabloids, she says "we're going back red."