Renee Rapp to perform on first SNL episode of 2024

Mean Girls remake star Renee Rapp has been taking over social media and now, she's going to be the first musical guest of SNL in 2024. Here's everything you need to know about the Gen Z breakthrough star.
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Long running comedic series Saturday Night Live has announced that their first episode of 2024 will be airing on January 20, 2024 and will feature Jacob Elordi of Euphoria and Priscilla fame as the host and Renee Rapp as the musical guest. Renee Rapp first broke into the entertainment scene when she was cast in the touring musical production of "Mean Girls" and has become massively popular since then. Here's everything you need to know about SNL's first musical guest of the new year.

Both Jacob Elordi and Renee Rapp have been having a massive moment in the spotlight. Elordi went from the HBO teen drama Euphoria to playing Elvis Presley in Priscilla. Meanwhile, Renee Rapp released her debut album, Snow Angel, in which she's been praised for her emotional lyrics and catchy pop production.

Renee Rapp got her start as a "Mean Girl"

Prior to releasing Snow Angel, Renee Rapp got her start in the spotlight playing the role of Regina George in the musical adaption of Mean Girls. She was cast in the production at 19 years old in 2019 and played the role through the close of the show in 2020. In 2022, a film version of the Mean Girls musical was announced and it was announced that Renee Rapp would be reprising her role as queen bee Regina George in the movie version.

Outside of her musical skills, Renee Rapp is also known for her acting, playing one of the lead roles, Leighton, in the Mindy Kaling-produced Max TV series The Sex Lives of College Girls.

Music has always been Renee Rapp's real passion

While speaking to AP News, Renee Rapp opened up about the fact that even though she's gotten her big break while acting, it's always been a springboard for her music career and she's had her mind set on becoming a pop star all along.

"I think about music like every second of every... I could be going through the worst thing on planet Earth and all I’m thinking in the back of my head is like, ‘Oh, this is what my next album is about.’ I don’t care if that’s sick. That’s what I do."

Renee Rapp, AP News

Between her creative and relatable lyrics, the unique voice she's bringing to pop music, and her vulnerability about her personal issues, it's easy to see why Renee Rapp has become such a massive hit in the years since she took on the role of Regina George. And now, in 2024, her star will only continue to shine as she joins the ranks of musicians like Kendrick Lamar, BTS, Ellie Goulding, and Lady Gaga who have been musical guests on recent episodes of SNL.