RHONY's Erin Lichy is unexpectedly relatable after filming on 'explosive' season 15 wraps

Sometimes we all need a break from work.
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While you might think that being a housewife, especially a Bravo housewife, is easy, this is reality TV. And these women are working hard to be on our screens. So it makes sense that when a season finishes filming, a housewife might want to take a break.

If ever there was a time when we could relate to a Real Housewife, it would have to be appreciating the need to take a work break. And that is exactly why we find The Real Housewives of New York's Erin Lichy so relatable right now.

According to Reality Tea, Erin has apparently decided to get away from it all now that filming on season 15 of RHONY is complete. Basically, it sounds like she is planning to finish up some work in NYC and then she plans to disconnect from it all. And we hear that!

"I [will] go out to the Hamptons and immediately disconnect. I turn off my phone. This week I’m working [in Manhattan] and I go out tomorrow morning and I will disconnect."

Erin Lichy

There has been talk that season 15 of RHONY is going to be particularly. So it makes perfect sense for her to want to take a break after the drama. In fact, it was such a chaotic season according to some of the housewives that it might just surprise fans.

In talking about season 15, Erin Lichy teased, "I can say it’s explosive and dramatic. I need a break mentally after all of that."

Erin wanting to disconnect makes perfect sense. And honestly, we can relate to needing a break after a rough time at work. Now her work may be totally different from ours, but we get that stress and chaos require some self-care to recover from.

But what do you think? Can you relate to Erin Lichy needing to disconnect after filming season 15 of RHONY?

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