RHONJ: Rachel Fuda called priest for a home exorcism after hearing a strange voice

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RHONJ's Rachel Fuda isn't messing around when it comes to ghosts in her home. After hearing a voice while editing a TikTok video she filmed, Fuda says that she immediately called a priest to come to her house as soon as possible to do an exorcism and rid her of whatever might have been lingering in the home.

Fuda, who joined the cast as a main star of the show during season 13 of RHONJ, told Page Six that this was the first time she'd ever heard any kind of noise or voice in her house, but it seems like one time was more than enough for this Bravolebrity because she got a priest on the line as soon as she heard the voice.

Fuda uploaded a video to her TikTok account that re-played the clip where she heard the strange voice and said that she was editing a Q&A video while her kids were away at school when she heard the strange voice in the background.

"I wanna be very clear: I was not moving anything at that time, all of my makeup was on the counter, you can see both of my hands in the video... My phone was mounted on the tripod and I was not using, like, a separate microphone, it was from my phone," she said after she played the clip and then joked that she was going to be selling her house.

Although she was joking about selling her house, it seems like she was serious about being afraid of the sound as she told Page Six that she reached out to her local priest "three times before 10 am" and had one come over within a few hours to do a ritual on the home.

"He was pretty shocked by what he heard in the video," Fuda said and explained that the priest she had come over recited prayers, gave Fuda some guidance, and did a blessing for each member of the family.

"The girls had no idea any of this was going on and were napping the entire time the priest was here," she said and said that no one else in the family has experienced any paranormal activity while in the house and that the strange voice she heard in the TikTok video was a brand new occurrence.

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