Bravo: The role of psychics and astrologists in various storylines

It is a Bravo favorite to bring in a psychic or “astrology guy” for filming, but is this just a way for production to push a storyline?

In all of the most dramatic seasons, there is always some sort of psychic, card reader, “astrology guy” or some other mystical medium that meets with the ladies.  These folks happen to have some incredible tidbit of information that helps further someone’s storyline one way or another – but are these just plants by Bravo production for added drama?  I can’t help but think how coincidental it would be to have such accurate reporting from beyond for such specific needs.

One of the most prominent examples of this would be on The Real Housewives of Orange County when Tamra Judge brought in a psychic that denied that Brooks Ayers had cancer.  Scott Cruz, Tamra’s “spiritual advisor” showed up on season ten, episode 11, titled “A Psychic Surprise,” after Brooks told Vicki Gunvalson he was going in a “different direction” with his cancer treatment.  He said he was taking antioxidants and resveratrol for his blood cancer.

Scott told Tamra the cancer issue was “wishy-washy” and that he didn’t “see it.”  When Tamra asked for clarification, he said that he didn’t believe Brooks has cancer.  From that point on, the Brooks/Vicki/cancer issue took on a life of its own because none of the women believed he had cancer either.  Once the psychic confirmed it (if you will), it was all downhill from there.

At the start of the trailer for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne brought in an “astrology guy” for the ladies.  He noted that Kyle Richards was a Capricorn and that she people being treated unfairly gets her worked up.  Right after that, he mentioned that when Dorit Kemsley gets upset, it can be “like a tidal wave.”  So, where is this astrology guy sending the new season with his readings?

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Also, we can never forget RHOBH’s “Dinner Party From Hell” episode in season one with Allison DuBois telling Kyle, “Your husband will never emotionally fulfill you.  Know that.”  That scene has stuck with Bravo fans throughout the years…so will the new astrologist have the same impact?

The Real Housewives of Orange County will be back later this year on Bravo.

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