Pierce Brosnan accused of trespassing in Yellowstone National Park

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James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan has found himself in some legal hot water after a trip to Yellowstone National Park. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Wyoming, Brosnan was in the park for a personal trip and not as part of any film projects he's working on, but stepping off the designated paths in Yellowstone is a huge no-no and potentially dangerous decision either way.

According to reports, Brosnan was in an area of the park near the Wyoming-Montana border called Mammoth Terraces when he stepped into an out-of-bounds area.

According to Yellowstone National Park, there are approximately 50 natural hot springs in the Mammoth Terraces area. Visitors to the park can walk a nearly two-mile length of boardwalks through the upper and lower terraces to take in the natural wonders and see the unique formation.

Brosnan is being accused of stepping off the boardwalk and into an area of the hot springs that are off-limits to hikers during a trip to the park he took on November 1, 2023. Now, he's due back in the area for a court date in January 2024 in order to receive his punishment for ignoring the guidelines and regulations in the park during this visit.

In the past, people have received hefty fines or even spent over a week in jail for doing the same thing that Brosnan is accused of doing. Staying on the marked paths and sidewalks is a federal law that everyone, including celebrities, are required to follow when they're visiting Yellowstone National Park -- and for good reason.

Ignoring this law and hiking off the marked path in Yellowstone National Park can be a hugely dangerous stunt for these law-breaking risk takers. Because there are over 10,000 natural hydrothermal features like gysers and hot springs, it can be risky to hike without a marked path through the park and stepping out of bounds can lead to some serious burns or even death.

Only a few months before Brosnan visited, a man was banned from Yellowstone National Park after being accused of allegedly stepping off the path, but he suffered an even worse fate: he sustained some serious burns to his body, allegedly being caused by the thermal pools in the park where the water can reach upwards of 150 degrees farenheit.

It's unclear what Pierce Brosnan's punishment will be, but offenses like the one that this actor has been accused of are taken very seriously because of how dangerous it can be to both the visitor and the natural features of the park.