Here's what May/December star Charles Melton said about his time on Riverdale

Charles Melton may be getting Oscar attention for May/December now, but for six years, he was sharpening his acting skills on the set of Riverdale. Here's what he said about The CW series ending
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Amid all the Oscars buzz surrounding his latest film, May/December, Charles Melton has had a ton of eyes directly on him. Speaking to i-D, reflected on his breakout role and whether or not he felt like playing the role of Reggie Mantle on Riverdale helped prepare him for the heartwrenching Netflix drama that's garnering him attention now.

For those unfamiliar, Riverdale is a dark teen drama based on the world and characters of the Archie comics. The series began airing in 2016 and aired its final episode in August 2023. In the second through the final season, Charles Melton played the role of Reggie Mantle, taking over the role from Ross Butler who played Reggie in the first season before leaving to play Zach in 13 Reasons Why.

Though Riverdale has had quite a mixed reception across the internet, Charles Melton has nothing but nice things to say about his 90 episodes on the series. Although he said that he's glad to have finished the show so he can have more time for other projects, like his Oscar buzz movie May/December, he said that the series ending is "bittersweet."

Speaking to i-D he said,

"I learned so much being there. I formed relationships that I will have until the end of my days. It really helped me refine this work ethic. Riverdale truly was my Juilliard -- I was learning and growing and playing and taking risks. I was allowed to do that. We just had our final season, so you know, it’s… It’s bittersweet. But I’m so happy it brought joy to so many people."

Charles Melton, i-D (2023)

According to his May/December co-stars, despite the fact that they haven't seen Riverdale, they can see the talent and work ethic that Charles Melton brings to set.

Co-star Natalie Portman had high praise for Melton, saying, "He was so prepared and so focused and so in the character and showed up with a real confidence. We were like ‘Oh, he's the best person to work with.'"

May/December stars Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore alongside Charles Melton. The drama-comedy premiered at Cannes Film Festival after Killers of the Flower Moon and brings a scandalous 1990s tabloid story to life on the big screen. The story is based loosely on the story of Mary Kay Letourneau's inappropriate relationship and later marriage to a student.