Margaret Josephs says Jackie Goldschneider is not who she thought she was

2024 People's Choice Awards
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Drama is the name of the game if you are on a Real Housewives franchise. And that is especially true if you are part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. And while Margaret Josephs has certainly had her fair share of drama on the series, she is also more than happy to share her thoughts on her fellow housewives beyond the screen.

Recently there was a bit of drama between Josephs and another housewife from RHOSLC, Heather Gay, because the RHONJ star had talked about the "black eye incident." It seems that Margaret was talking to a media outlet about her thoughts on what happened and it upset Heather, leading to a bit of a cold shoulder moment at BravoCon.

And now it seems like Margaret Josephs has someone new she is talking about, although at least this time it is someone from her own franchise.

What does Margaret Josephs have to say about her former best friend, Jackie Goldschneider?

During a chat with Access Hollywood on the green carpet of the People's Choice Awards, Josephs was asked about former RHONJ housewife, Jackie Goldschneider. While the two women used to be best friends, at least on the show, it seems things have really shifted since Jackie stepped away from being a full-time cast member for her health.

According to Reality Tea, Margaret Josephs had this to say about her former friend, "It’s disappointing, and it’s sad. And I guess she’s not who I thought she was. But that’s okay. You know, things happen. I was very sad and disappointed."

Honestly, we all know that friendships and relationships evolve over time, but it is interesting to see how things have shifted between Margaret and Jackie. When they were together on the show it seemed like there was nothing that could tear them apart. And yet, it is clear that Jackie's shifting thoughts on certain aspects of the RHONJ way of life have definitely created a wedge between her and some of her former friends.

We can't wait to see the newest season of RHONJ to see if anything that happened to break these friendships up plays out on our screen. And we really want to know how Jackie feels about these comments and the fact that her friendship with Margaret (and at least one other RHONJ housewife) has changed so much.

When it comes to the ladies of RHONJ, we expect plenty of drama and shifting alliances, and it seems as if that is what we have here. It should be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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