Lisa Barlow says things are almost too real so no need to fake things in Season 5 of RHOSLC

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Are you ready for Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City? I know that I am. After all, a lot went down in the final episode of Season 4 and even at the reunion, there was plenty of drama to go around.

While Whitney Rose has said that she believes that Lisa Barlow will be the real villain of Season 5, Barlow has her own thoughts about the new season, which has apparently started filming already. According to US Weekly, Lisa has opened up about the new season by calling it a "fresh start."

But the fifth season is not only about a fresh start, it is also about how the ladies pick up the pieces after the fallout from the last few seasons. And in this case, Barlow said that there is no need to fake things for the cameras because things are almost "too real." That makes sense since they are all dealing with plenty of drama amongst each other.

Lisa Barlow opens up about Season 5 of RHOSLC by calling it "too real"

According to Lisa, "I think because we really do have conflict still and there’s still things being resolved, our franchise is one where we don’t have to fake anything," because the season they are currently filming is "very, very real." Of course, with the loss of Monica Garcia after just one season, fans might be curious as to how the series can keep the drama and conflict that has us coming back for more. But Lisa Barlow seems to think they have that covered.

Of course, Lisa also had thoughts on Monica, and especially her not being part of Season 5. And unsurprisingly, she seems pretty happy about it because of trust.

"I think Bravo made the right decision. I mean, it’s way above my pay grade, but I think it makes it easier because when you’re building a relationship based on a lie, it’s really hard to move forward with that. I think a lot of trust was broken, and I don’t think it’s trust that you can ever get back."

Lisa Barlow

Considering how Lisa reacted to Monica at the reunion and the fact that she wanted to know whether or not production knew about the connection to Reality Von Tease, it makes sense that she would think it is easier to film without the other housewife. And while some viewers might miss having Monica on their screens, it is unlikely that the housewives would even want to film with her.

Honestly, it will be interesting to see if Lisa Barlow is right about things being fresh and real during Season 5. While there may be conflict between the ladies, without Monica, Season 4 wouldn't have been nearly as entertaining. So not having her in this new season is absolutely going to change things all over again.

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