How Kyle Richards feels about the rumors that she's dating Morgan Wade

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Kyle Richards is no stranger to the spotlight, having grown up in a famous family and spent the past several years as a main cast member on RHOBH, but she's had a lot of extra attention on her recently due to her split from Mauricio Umansky and her budding friendship with singer Morgan Wade.

Now, Kyle is getting honest about how she feels about the rumors that they're dating, whether her fitness journey means she's getting a "revenge body," and where she stands in her split from husband Mauricio Umansky.

What does Kyle Richards think about the Morgan Wade dating rumors?

While speaking to Us Weekly, Kyle Richards opened up about the state of her marriage and the fact that some Real Housewives fans think that she might have already moved on from Mauricio to the country music singer. These rumors that the pair might be more than friends have been fed by the fact that Kyle tattooed a "K" onto her friend and she even made a steamy appearance in one of Morgan's music videos.

In her interview with Us Weekly, Kyle said that she and Morgan have been working on a documentary together that she says "turned into something else" and was asked if the two of them are tired of the rumors that their friendship has turned to romance.

"I don’t even think about it anymore. It doesn’t faze me," she told the publication. According to Kyle Richards, Mauricio likes Morgan, so there's no competition between her husband and her new friend, even with the rumors that are swirling on the internet about the two of them.

"He likes Morgan a lot. We’ve gone to her shows [as a] family," she told Us Weekly when asked about how her husband feels about her friendship.

Is Kyle Richards trying to get a "revenge body"?

Celebrities who look particularly good after a breakup are often referred to as wearing a "revenge dress" or working out to get a "revenge body." Kyle Richards has been open about the fact that she's stopped drinking and has been working out to get her body in tip-top shape, but does that mean she's trying to get a "revenge body" to show Mauricio Umansky what he's missing?

According to Kyle Richards, the answer is no.

"It’s certainly not meant to be a revenge body. It’s meant to be an I-feel-good body," she told Us Weekly when asked about people who have been referring to her fitness journey as a "revenge body" against Mauricio Umansky.

According to Kyle Richards, a big part of achieving her goals means having friends that understand what she wants and want something similar for themselves. She says that her friends, like Morgan Wade, keep her motivated and that the two of them hit the gym together and keep each other focused on their goals.