Jennifer Lopez is censored during heated rant on The View

Jennifer Lopez at the Los Angeles special screening of Marry Me
Jennifer Lopez at the Los Angeles special screening of Marry Me / Frazer Harrison/GettyImages

Jennifer Lopez was censored live on The View this week during a heated rant about her career.

J.Lo stopped by the daytime talk show to discuss her new album This Is Me...Now as well as its accompanying film This Is Me...Now: A Love Story.

She spoke to the panelists about funding her project with her own money because people apparently didn't "understand" what she was trying to accomplish.

The 54-year-old admitted that it was "hard" for people to understand what she was trying to do, noting that she didn't want to do music videos.

"I think a lot of people couldn't understand it and so nobody wanted to finance it or put it on their services," Jennifer stated.

"At the end of the day, you know," she began and said something that was then censored out and could not be detected just from reading her lips.

Jennifer Lopez was censored on The View

She appeared to blush a bit after being bleeped out and exclaimed, "I'll show them!"

Although we don't know what she said for certain, it likely had some profanity in it as she discussed her projects, resulting in her being censored.

"You know what? It wasn't easy. It was very difficult at times," she reflected.

Afterward, the panelists continue to discuss her newest projects, all seemingly unfazed by J.Lo's censorship.

Jennifer Lopez "can't get enough" of husband Ben Affleck

Last month, Lopez released her music video for her song Can't Get Enough, where she describes how much she can't get enough of her husband, Ben Affleck.

The song was released as part of her This Is Me…Now album, and the remix video highlights her age-defying beauty,

The singer talks about her sex life with her husband in the lyrics and men grab at her in the street in the video.

The raunchy lyrics and video captivated fans who were in awe at how good J.Lo looks as she ages, proving that she really is unstoppable.