Jax Taylor is "talking about" opening a bar with Tom Schwartz

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"Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One" Young Hollywood Screening / Vivien Killilea/GettyImages

There may be a new TomTom on the horizon -- or it's possible that this new business venture may go the way of Something About Her and leave fans wondering whether it will actually open. On his Instagram account, Jax Taylor recently told a fan that he's "talking about" opening a bar with Tom Schwartz.

"Who is giving them a loan[?]" one Reddit viewer asked while others in the thread listed other upcoming projects that Jax Taylor has promised in the past but that have never materialized.

Another commenter speculated that the Vanderpump Rules stars that keep trying to open bars and sandwich shops don't actually have the passion to be running such a business, but are trying to open them in order to capitalize on fame and attention, either for a spin-off show or to make money from fans who come in to see them.

One Reddit user wrote: "I feel like the only reason they want restaurants is so there is the potential for THEM to be like an LVP on a spin off show, or for them to just have physical attention from people who will visit the bars just to see them."

Tom Schwartz is already experienced in the world of owning a bar and restaurant as a partial owner of TomTom and Schwartz & Sandy's with co-star Tom Sandoval, but he's not the only one -- Jax Taylor became a part-owner of a sports bar in Los Angeles last fall when he opened Jax's Studio City.

Jax Taylor was reportedly fired from Vanderpump Rules after making some questionable comments, but made a cameo appearance in the trailer for season 11 of the show. Plus, he'll be back on Bravo when The Valley premieres with formerVanderpump Rules Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, and Kristen Doute among the stars of the new spin-off.

It's not clear whether or not Tom Schwartz and Jax Taylor are really going to be opening a bar together yet, but his comment definitely has fans speculating about this potential new business venture.