Ariana Madix explains why Tom Sandoval says she hasn't paid bills

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The Vanderpump Rules drama never ends. In the latest update, Ariana Madix spoke out on the Vanderpump Rules after show about the claims her ex-fiance Tom Sandoval has made about the fact that she's allegedly not paying her share of any of the bills in their shared home. According to Ariana Madix, she has a good reason for not just giving her ex money every month.

Tom Sandoval claims Ariana Madix is "petty" and hasn't paid bills "in months"

In case you missed it, Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval still own their home together and are "no contact" in it, despite living together -- when Ariana Madix isn't away on Broadway, that is. Sandoval claims that Madix has been "petty" by refusing to accept his offer to buy her out of the house, but Madix says that she doesn't want to just bend to Sandoval's whims and let him force her to move out of the house when he's the one who cheated.

In addition to his complaints that they're still co-owning their home together, Sandoval claims that Madix hasn't even paid any bills in the house in "months."

"My bank account was literally overdrawn. Dude, Ariana hadn’t paid any of the bills for, like, f---ing eight months, man," Sandoval told his TomTom co-owner Tom Schwartz in January 7's Vanderpump Rules episode.

Ariana Madix says she'll pay Tom Sandoval back -- under one condition

On the Vanderpump Rules after show, Madix claimed that she's not refusing to pay Sandoval back for no reason and said she will pay for her half of the bills, but only when Sandoval agrees to show her where the money is going.

According to Madix, money for their home's mortgage comes directly from Sandoval's bank account and she was fine with paying her half to him until she found out that he was allegedly asking her for too much money each month, leading to her no longer trusting his financial claims.

"When we were together, maybe I would have trusted that s--- to be accurate. But once all this s--- went down, it's like, 'I don't trust a f---ing word you say.' So if you are going to tell me that I owe you a certain amount of money, you better be able to show your work," she said on the after show.

Sandoval claims that Madix is being difficult on purpose by asking to see the receipts for how much money he's asking her for each month for her portion of the bills.

He told Schwartz, "I have to pay for accounting to send every detailed receipt. It's like, 'This is the bank statement. This is what came out of my account from Spectrum, this came out of my...' — like, what do you think? I have a side deal with Spectrum or like with AT&T. Like, no, I don't."