Tom Sandoval is ready for love, won't cheat 'that way' again

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Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules picked up and tossed us right back in the center of the Scandoval affair scandal. FIlming took place only a few short months after the last season ended, so the scandal was still fresh in the minds of cast members like Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval who returned to the show while Rachel (Raquel) Leviss chose to make her exit.

Now, Tom Sandoval is saying that he's ready to "protect someone's heart" and promises that he won't cheat "that way" again.

Tom Sandoval says he won't have another affair

While appearing on The Viall Files podcast, Tom Sandoval opened up about the fact that he thinks Ariana is being "petty" for still living in their house and talked about how cheating on her with Rachel Leviss has impacted his future. The main takeaway for Tom Sandoval is that he regrets cheating on Ariana Madix and says

"What have I learned?! To not ever do that again. To not ever be in a nine-year f---in' relationship and end it that way. To not ever, like, cheat that way. Like, dude, I'm never gonna do that. That's never gonna happen," Tom Sandoval said on the podcast, which made host Nick Viall wonder what Tom meant by "that way" when he referred to his cheating regrets.

According to Sandoval, he meant that he wouldn't have an affair again. It seems like the future of his love life is weighing heavy on his mind as he also says that he is ready to love again.

"Am I ready to protect somebody's heart? Yes, of course I am," he told the podcast host and said that he's trying to be a better person.

When it comes to finding a future romantic partner, Tom Sandoval's podcast co-guest and Vanderpump Rules co-star Tom Schwartz said that he might be open to setting Sandoval up with a new girl but that it "depends on the person."