Anna Kendrick answers whether she'd return for the 'Twilight' TV series

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Anna Kendrick played Bella Swan's best friend, Jessica, in the Twilight movie series before moving on to be a huge star who appeared in movies like the Pitch Perfect series and Trolls franchise. Now that Twilight is being adapted into a TV series, Anna Kendrick was asked whether or not she would consider reprising her role for an appearance in the series.

Although there isn't a lot of information about the upcoming TV series yet, that hasn't stopped fans from being excited.

While speaking toVariety at their 2024 Variety Creative Impact and 10 Directors to Watch event, Anna Kendrick shared her feelings on the upcoming series and her involvement in the original movie adaptation -- including the fact that she didn't expect the franchise to be such a big hit!

She said that the cast didn't even have a wrap party after filming the movie because no one was expecting it to be such a massive pop culture hit. Anna Kendrick played one of Edward and Bella's classmates and one of the early friends that Bella makes when she moves to Forks, Washington, so she wasn't a huge part of the series.

She admits that she wasn't playing one of the characters people were watching Twilight for and because of that, Anna Kendrick is one of the side actresses that a lot of people forget was even in the movie. As it turns out, sometimes she even forgets she was in The Twilight Saga.

"So it’s like still unbelievable to me that those movies did what they did. But also sometimes that I was in them. I’m like, ‘Oh yeah.’ It seems like so huge and outside of me that I totally forget that I was there," she told Variety. Despite the fact that she had such a small part in the series, she says that it was a lot of fun to play an outsider to all the sparkly vampire drama.

Will Anna Kendrick be in the Twilight TV series?

Can fans expect to see a Jessica cameo when the Twilight TV series begins airing? Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like it's going to happen.

When asked about the possibility, Anna Kendrick laughed and said, "Let's not do this now," while joking with the interviewer about the fact that she "knows what [he's] doing."