Jake Paul put up a good fight but was schooled by real boxer Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury speaks with Jake Paul (Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images)
Tommy Fury speaks with Jake Paul (Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images) /

Last month, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury headlined Saudi Arabia in a long-anticipated match. For the last few years, boxing fans have grown bored waiting for the fight to happen but last night, excitement was in the air for the fight.

Jake Paul, as you can imagine, was incredibly vocal in the buildup to the fight. He tried to do what he does best and that’s to get in other people’s heads – mocking Fury and even going as far as leaking the birth of his daughter Bambi before it was public knowledge.

Tommy Fury, or to go by his stage nickname “TNT”, comes from a boxing background. His father John Fury was a renowned bare-knuckle boxer and his older brother Tyson Fury is a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, dubbed by many as the boxing GOAT.

For the avid boxing audience, this didn’t make for good viewing. Both were criticized for coming from a new wave of celebrities, with Jake Paul more known for his Disney clout and Tommy Fury more known for being on the dating show Love Island.

In truth, I went into this fight thinking and dare I say, hoping to see Jake Paul on the canvas. But annoyingly, he put up a very good fight and showed that he’s capable of competing with real boxers. However, he’s not quite there yet, as Fury landed many more punches and looked all the more convincing.

There’s a clause in Paul’s contract that states he can trigger a rematch. Knowing him, the loss would leave a sour taste in his mouth and he’ll trigger that rematch clause. If he does, you’d hope for better quality boxing but then again, what more can you expect from a seasoned Disney pro?

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Do you think Tommy Fury deserved to beat Jake Paul on the split decision?