Everything we know about Jake Paul vs Andrew Tate fight so far

Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

One of the biggest celebrity names in 2022 was Andrew Tate. Unfortunately, he wasn’t famous for the right reasons — the 35-year-old is well known for his controversial stances on sensitive subjects including sexual assault and women’s rights.

He has been banned from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for his offensive opinions.

Somehow, however, he is still in the spotlight. Clips of the controversial figure are often shared throughout the same platform that he is banned from, which only furthers his popularity. Now, he’s doing something that might boost it even more.

Two polarizing figures, Andrew Tate and Jake Paul might be facing off in the boxing ring

That’s right — in a video posted to Twitter by Jake Paul, the YouTube star and Tate are seen facing off, which has led many to believe that they’ll be fighting in the ring.

Most people are familiar with Paul and his history with boxing. The former vine star-turned-YouTuber is an online personality still posts normal YouTube content online but has taken up a career in boxing.

What began as a YouTuber fighting other YouTubers has turned into an actual professional boxing career. That’s the worst part — Jake Paul is actually pretty good at boxing. He has moved on to fighting professional fighters.

And it looks like his next target is Andrew Tate.

Here’s what we know about the Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul fight so far

There have been very few details released about this fight right now. That said, I’m giving you everything I could find, starting with a Jake Paul tweet.

According to Sportsmail, a representative for Andrew Tate confirmed that negotiations are happening with Jake Paul to get a fight underway. This means that a fight between the two is probable.

According to TMZ, Tate had actually offered Jake Paul $3 million to fight back in 2021. Paul would reject this offer and eventually fight other opponents.

On Impaulsive, Paul’s brother’s podcast, Jake claimed that he doesn’t believe Tate actually wants to get into the ring with him. Paul claimed that it would be “too big of a risk” for him since Tate’s entire “shtick” relies on being an alpha male.

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