Bob Odenkirk and Better Call Saul finally wins long-overdue awards

Bob Odenkirk, Critics Choice Award 2023 (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association)
Bob Odenkirk, Critics Choice Award 2023 (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association) /

The popular Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul finally won a deserved award at the Critics’ Choice 2023.

As far as die-hard cult followings go, it takes a lot to beat the Breaking Bad fandom. However, fans of the show had quite a difficult year of things in 2022, as the year saw the end to the TV universe, with spinoff show Better Call Saul coming to a justified ending.

Better Call Saul, furiously led by lead actor Bob Odenkirk was originally produced to show the life of shady lawyer Jimmy McGill before he got tangled up with Walter White and his meth-business counterparts, soon becoming Saul Goodman. However, as the show progressed, Breaking Bad fans were treated to some familiar faces, including fan favourite Mike.

Critics Choice Award 2023 – Bob Odenkirk and Giancarlo Esposito win individual awards

Bob Odenkirk, who is the lead actor in Better Call Saul deservedly lifted his accolade for Best Actor in a Drama Series. Odenkirk suffered a heart attack while production commenced, but thankfully he was able to carry on.

His dedication to making this show a masterpiece truly shone through, when he claimed he would support his recast. Odenkirk wanted BCS to carry on, even if he was no longer the lead actor due to his heart attack.

Fan favourite Giancarlo Esposito, more likely to be known as Gus Fring, fearless leader of Los Pollos Hermanos, also picked up an award. Esposito picked up an award for the Best Supporting Actors in a Drama Series.

Critics Choice Award 2023 – Better Call Saul wins award

You could say the show had a pretty good night at the Critics Choice Awards 2023. Not only did Odenkirk and Esposito win individual awards, the show Better Call Saul also won the award for ‘Best Drama Series’.

As a Breaking Bad fan, I must admit, I was skeptical when hearing about the potential of a spinoff show. However, 7 years after it first aired, I can say with complete confidence – it was the perfect end to the best TV universe of all time.

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