Is MrBeast taking over Twitter for Elon Musk?

Twitter has been quite a controversial topic ever since Elon Musk took over as CEO of the app. There have been many changes made in his time in charge, but will that time be coming to an end soon?

The most recent action that has caused an uproar is the change in the app’s policy which makes users no longer allowed to share links to other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Mastodon. While some reasoned that this policy was put into place to prevent users from promoting their alternative apps to then get themselves banned on Twitter by spreading hate or misinformation.

While that could be true, this policy hurts a large majority of Twitter users. Small business owners, content creators, and anybody who uses multiple platforms would be punished for promoting their work. This new policy rightfully upset lots of people.

Elon Musk is well aware that users are unhappy with his leadership on the app, speaking out about the possibility of appointing a new CEO. While it is impossible to determine is Elon is being serious or just trolling his audience, people are still wondering who could possibly be the next Twitter CEO.

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One of many who have taken to the app to question whether or not they should be the CEO of Twitter is MrBeast. The popular YouTube personality voiced his distaste towards the new cross platform policy, hinting that he believes that Elon should step down from his position. He has even went a step further, asking his gigantic audience if he should be the new Twitter CEO. MrBeast’s tweets about the matter ended up reaching Elon Musk, gaining a response.

It seems like Elon isn’t opposed to letting the internet superstar takeover his position, which has mixed reactions online. MrBeast has dabbled into many different ventures in his career so far, including a merch line, a snack brand, and even a restaurant chain. His brands have seen great success so far, which could make him a top candidate for the job, if Elon is willing to give up his spot that is.

MrBeast has started his argument to be CEO by stating that he wants to make the app a place where content creators want to be, instead of pushing them away like Elon’s policy has done. Having a social media creator as the CEO of a social media app could be beneficial to all creators. Will MrBeast actually pursue this potential opportunity?