Here’s a full TJ Miller, Ryan Reynolds drama timeline

TJ Miller, Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool. (Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)
TJ Miller, Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool. (Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage) /

Ryan Reynolds is a name that flies around a lot in Hollywood, as he’s been one of the most relevant stars in the industry. With that much press, it’s hard not to receive negative publicity. Even the most controversy-proof stars *cough* Try Guys *cough* have their issues.

But besides a failed engagement and divorce, Reynolds has been controversy-less. Until now.

This week, TJ Miller, a former cast member of Deadpool, came after Ryan Reynolds for his behavior on set. The details are not specifically confirmed, but if the story is true, it looks pretty bad for the normally-ethical Reynolds.

According to TJ Miller, Ryan Reynolds had a strange outburst on set

During an appearance on The Adam Carolla Show, TJ Miller began to speak about his experience in the Deadpool series. For some background, Miller played Deadpool’s best friend in Deadpool and Deadpool 2. Reynolds starred as Deadpool.

Obviously, the movie went well enough for Miller for him to return, as his character Weasel quickly became a fan favorite. But was Reynolds jealous of his co-star’s success? According to Miller, he got along with Reynolds a lot better during the first Deadpool. In the following film, their relationship reportedly turned sour.

While Miller was extremely complimentary of his colleague, he quickly got into details on why he isn’t as fond of Reynolds anymore. Apparently, Reynolds attacked the character Weasel with the following improvisation. Here’s what he said.

"“You know what’s great about you Weasel, you’re not the star. You do just enough exposition that it’s funny and then we can leave and get back to the real movie.”"

The story continues with Miller walking off set and asking a producer about the interaction. The producer agreed, saying that Reynolds’ behavior was “insane.” Miller said that it was not a good experience for him.

Miller claims that he has met other people that can confirm this type of behavior.

This entire story is just strange. While Miller claims that he thinks Reynolds is a “kind of an insecure dude,” this type of thing has not been publicized before. It doesn’t necessarily seem made-up, either — why would Miller decide to smear one of Hollywood’s cleanest stars?

Ryan Reynolds reached out to TJ Miller with an apology

As quickly as this became clickbait news, the story has been resolved. Since the incident occurred, Ryan Reynolds has reached out to TJ Miller to apologize for the situation. Reynolds reached out via email, Miller shared on Sirius XM.

"“It was really cool, he emailed me the next day and kind of said it was a misunderstanding. So I emailed him back and now it’s like, fine.”"

At a closer glance, this was all blown way out of proportion.

Miller explains that he never thought the story was a big deal and he told it as a quick on-set memory. He notes how complimentary he was of Reynolds and claims that the story was entirely “clickbait.”

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