The Try Guys: Here’s why #BringBackNed is trending right now

Ned Fulmer attends a signing event for The Try Guys. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)
Ned Fulmer attends a signing event for The Try Guys. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images) /

The Try Guys were known as one of the internet’s most wholesome comedy groups. The group had been together since 2014 and has completely avoided any drama or negative attention. The internet celebrities seemed virtually untouchable.

Unfortunately, this all came to a crashing halt when rumors began to surface that Ned Fulmer, a married member of the group, was spotted getting extremely close with another woman in public. Ned was promptly kicked from the group, which was announced on Instagram, and has not been heard from since. The general reaction is not good for Ned.

The good news is that the remaining Try Guys have handled this extremely well. Their recent explanation video made it clear that Fulmer was no longer part of the group and, perhaps more importantly, no longer part of their lives. Simple. So why is #BringBackNed trending on Twitter?

The Try Guys’ fans tweeting #BringBackNed isn’t as bad as you think

Like I said — The Try Guys’ drama, as sad as it still is, seemed to be settling down. The company acknowledged the controversy, Fulmer was booted from the group, and there were no new developments.

Until now.

After the dust clouds finally settled, the internet did what it does best — created something that didn’t need to be created. This time around, the internet came up with the hashtag #BringBackNed.

Don’t worry — it’s not as bad as you think. In fact, there are very few tweets actually defending Ned Fulmer. In reality, most of the #BringBackNed tweets only feature the hashtag in an attempt to stop the movement. Ironic, I know.

Here’s an example:

That said, there are a very select few tweets that feature a serious version of #BringBackNed. But are we really surprised?

If you’re part of the group that wants him back, I’ve got bad news for you — it’s not going to happen. Ned Fulmer is gone, officially transitioning The Try Guys to The “Tri Guys.” Okay, it’s not official, but it’s one of the more productive internet expressions that has come out of this drama.

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