BeReal went off during The Try Guys’ emotional podcast

Keith Habersberger of The Try Guys/ (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)
Keith Habersberger of The Try Guys/ (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images) /

The Try Guys are the most recent victims of internet controversy — the four-man former Buzzfeed comedy group lost one of their members after a cheating scandal. That cheating scandal revolved around a BuzzFeed employee and Ned Fulmer, who had been known for being the perfect husband. Fulmer had a tendency to talk about “his wife,” prompting a slew of moments that did not age well.

Fulmer has since been let go by the company. This was announced in a now-infamous Instagram post by the Try Guys, indicating that we would never see Ned in another video of theirs.

The group has been pretty silent since the incident, posting just a couple of times since the news broke nearly two weeks ago. They even delayed their podcast as they worked through legal issues and an “internal investigation.” Until now.

The Try Guys made their return to the internet with a video titled “what happened,” giving a short explanation of their side of the story. The next time we heard from them was on Thursday when they released their first podcast episode since the drama unfolded.

The Try Guys’ producer got a BeReal notification nine minutes into their first podcast back

As expected, The Try Guys’ first podcast back, which included Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld, featured content revolved around the controversy. It makes sense — it would seem disingenuous to avoid the topic. As Zach is beginning to touch on his personal grief process in this situation, podcast producer Miles Bonsignore’s phone makes a sound. Then, he said:

"“This is so inappropriate but it is time to BeReal.”"

Then, in the middle of a very emotional conversation about the company, the fate of the remaining Try Guys, and each member’s grief process after losing a friend, Zach, Keith, and Miles just… take their BeReal. The weirdest part — it actually led to a pretty meaningful conversation.

Keith continues to detail the importance of BeReal as a form of social media over the past month. Here’s what he said.

"Because I only have like 18 to 25 friends, and they’re all people that I actually know on there, it was the only place that I could post this whole month. It was the only place that I could have my social media expressing and feel safe doing so because I couldn’t tweet, I couldn’t Instagram, I couldn’t live the social media life — especially this last week when everything broke."

As silly as it is, BeReal was the only social media where these guys could… well, be real for the past few weeks.

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