RHOA: Kandi Burruss has the perfect clapback for Marlo’s shade

Real Housewives of Atlanta (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for the Critics Choice Real TV Awards)
Real Housewives of Atlanta (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for the Critics Choice Real TV Awards) /

Kandi Burruss teased Real Housewives of Atlanta fans that she was going to have some major beef with a cast-mate this season and now viewers know exactly who that person is.

Actually, it is probably not surprise that Marlo Hampton would serve as Kandi’s nemesis given the prior history between the two.  While they never got down and dirty with one another, there was some subtle shade there, but now that Marlo has her peach, she has spilled some juicy gossip about Mrs. Burruss-Tucker during a recent episode.

In that episode, Hampton went all in on Burruss, essentially saying she got around before she became a Reality TV star and obviously before she married Todd Tucker.  As Marlo shared the tea and laughs with Sheree Whitfield, it because obviously Marlo was mostly expressing her jealousy and ramping up her storyline by going after the self-made boss.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is not the one to play with

As former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast-mates Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks have also tried to go there with Kandi, the 46-year-old Grammy winner and business owner doesn’t play when it comes to her husband, her success or her money and Marlo is trying to cross that line.

In other words, to reference one of her RHOA intro taglines don’t come for Kandi Burruss unless you have a check for her.

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When it comes to Marlo and her shade, Kandi clapped back during Tuesday’s episode of Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap.”

"“[Marlo] started bringing up my past and tried to figure out people that I’ve dated or whatever she had to say about me…and I’m like, ‘Um ma’am, let’s not,” Burruss responded.“Let’s not do that.  Because some of the things the ladies were saying, I could clearly go all the way in to say about them, okay?  But we just going to leave it at that.”"

While Burruss has mostly taken the high road during her Real Housewives of Atlanta run, she doesn’t hold back when it comes to stating her own tea about her co-stars.  Kandi didn’t let Sheree off the hook for sharing in the gossip with Marlo.  The RHOA star referenced Sheree’s shady relationship with prison inmate Tyrone for all the reason she should be staying in her own lane.

But it was really all about Miss Hampton, who RHOA fans are getting a heavy dose of these season.  Perhaps an overdose as her primary role appears to be to keep the drama going as she has targeted both Kandi and Kenya Moore.

In a perfect response following that episode, Burruss took to Twitter to address all that Marlo had to say.

"“Keep watching this season because the lady with the heavy tongue keeps my name in her mouth! #RHOA.,” Kandi tweeted."

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So, it sounds like the drama just starting to gain some steam and it looks like Marlo Hampton is trying to fill the big shoes of Nene Leakes as the one in the middle of all the drama.  The problem is, Kandi Burruss may not be the one to come from.  The self-made boss typically holds her own and has the receipts to prove it.