RHOBH – CSI – The disappearance of Lisa Vanderpump.

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Lisa Vanderpump (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images) /
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SUSPECT #2 from RHOBH: Erika Girardi

Now, this housewife doesn’t strike me as the passive-aggressive kind because, well let’s face it, why sneak around framing people when you can just take somebody down face to face. However, given the recent revelations surrounding Erika’s divorce, she can’t be ruled out as a suspect in this case.

Motive 1 – “The lawsuit”

At the time of filming Season 9, Erika Jayne was still very much Mrs. Erika Girardi, a dedicated wife to Tom Girardi.

She appeared fiercely loyal to her husband of 22 years at the reunion when Andy Cohen suggested that the Vanderpump story was a convenient cover for Erika because it distracted from an overdue $15 million loan on the part of her husband. Erika was quick to shut that down, stating that the matter was “resolved and they apologized.”

However, we now know that all was not well in the Girardi household, with a subsequent divorce and a lawsuit filed against the couple for financial embezzlement. Jeez, with all of that going on a distraction might not be such a bad idea.

But why would Erika target Vanderpump for a distraction? Well, that can probably be answered by the following motive…

Motive 2 – “Don’t make me out to be the bad guy”

In Season 9 Erika was left blindsided by criticism from Vanderpump over the sympathy card Erika had sent the housewife following the passing of Vanderpump’s brother. Erika expressed her shock to the cameras at the accusation that her “condolence card wasn’t good enough” before stating “if you thought that I was cold before, hell has frozen over honey.”

Could the condolence card criticism have triggered Erika into framing Vanderpump as “the bad guy” to distract from her own financial struggles?