RHOBH – CSI – The disappearance of Lisa Vanderpump.

Lisa Vanderpump (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)
Lisa Vanderpump (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images) /
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Lisa Vanderpump
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When long-standing housewife Lisa Vanderpump vanished from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2019 nobody suspected foul play. But did this posh Brit really leave RHOBH of her own accord or was she pushed?

This investigation looks at events leading up to Vanderpump’s disappearance and identifies three suspects who all had the motive, means and opportunity to commit the biggest undetected crime of the entire franchise.

RHOBH: Here’s what we know so far…

In Season 8 Lisa Vanderpump fell out with Dorit Kemsley over a case of idle gossip on the part of Dorit. However, Vanderpump was uncharacteristically quick to forgive the housewife and we believe this was due to the close friendship she shared with Dorit’s British husband PK.

We understand that Vanderpump’s leniency towards Dorit stirred up emotions in Kyle Richards, who appeared jealous of Dorit and resented what she felt was unfair treatment by Vanderpump.

In the same season, Dorit also fell out with Teddi Mellencamp. It appears that these two ladies had a strong dislike for one another and neither seemed to want to salvage their relationship.

Vanderpump Dogs

OK, now to Season 9. There was an issue over a dog that’s identified as “Lucy Lucy Apple Juice.” The origin of the name’s unclear.

It appears that Dorit had adopted the dog from Vanderpump’s Dog Foundation and then given it to an unidentified female, who in turn took it to a dog shelter. A microchip implanted in Lucy Lucy Apple Juice sent the puppy back to Vanderpump Dogs, and we believe this is the first key factor in the Brit’s subsequent disappearance.

This is where the facts surrounding this case get a little more complex.

It seems that the news of the puppy’s journey to the dog shelter wasn’t contained within Vanderpump Dogs but was leaked to Dorit’s arch-enemy Teddi Mellencamp by a Vanderpump staff member and then to Kyle Richards.

At every juncture, Vanderpump was seen publicly trying to quash the gossip about Dorit, but it quickly spread around the entire cast, resulting in a showdown in the Bahamas.

Master manipulator?

While on vacation there with the ladies, Teddi was led to believe by Lisa Rinna that she’d been manipulated behind the scenes by Vanderpump.

Had Vanderpump instructed the staff member to leak the story of the dog to Dorit’s arch enemies – Teddi Mellencamp and Kyle Richards?

Well, according to Rinna that’s exactly what had happened. Rinna alleged to both Kyle and Teddi that they’d both been used by Vanderpump to punish Dorit by publicly spreading gossip about the dog while Vanderpump kept her hands clean.

And this allegation didn’t go down well with the group.  It quickly spread around the cast resulting in a private confrontation with Teddi, a collective snub from the ladies and an atmosphere at dinner that left Vanderpump feeling… well… “as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool”.

Is this when Vanderpump disappeared from RHOBH?

Well, the answer’s no.

Gossip may have lingered as the ladies returned to Beverly Hills, but the attention quickly switched to Denise Richards’ wedding and Vanderpump’s epic plight to pass an act through Congress banning the dog meat trade.

The wedding was a success, all the ladies appeared cordial, and Vanderpump and Dorit even shared a friendly joke. And just days later Vanderpump saw her act triumphantly pass through Congress.

In the frame

So was this the end of “puppy gate”?

Well, no. While all the ladies may have appeared to have moved on, somebody still had a grudge to bear. And that somebody had leaked the story about Dorit to Radar Online – with all fingers pointing to Vanderpump.

And it was this accusation that instigated her disappearance.

Let’s face it, anybody could’ve leaked that story to Radar Online and left a trail of breadcrumbs leading back to Vanderpump. So we have to ask, given the Brit’s clear distress over the allegation, her relentless denials of any wrongdoing and her determination to prove her innocence via a lie detector test: did Vanderpump actually leak that story – or was she set-up by another cast member?

And if she was framed, who had the most to gain?