RHOD: Tiffany Moon is a great addition but can’t throw a party

The Real Housewives of Dallas found an awesome new addition to the cast in Tiffany Moon.  She’s a working mom that wants to make friends with the rest of the housewives, but it almost seems like she doesn’t know how.  It is clear that most of Tiffany’s life has been spent studying for exams and making her way through school, which didn’t leave much time for partying.

Tiffany decided to throw the women a pizza party with their imported $15,000 pizza oven, because why not.  Ahead of the party, she sent out a text to the women warning them of her bedtime.  “Just to set expectations: I’ll probably be wrapping up the party at like 10:30, because I have a meeting tomorrow and I wanted to be fresh for it. Can’t wait to see you all tonight.”  She also set a few rules for the women, which did not go over well.

Kary Brittingham and Kameron Westcott were not thrilled about the text.  Kary thought it was rude to basically say they were being kicked out at 10:30, and Kam has a problem with everything Tiffany does.

While Tiffany is doing her best to be “fun,” she’s really killing the vibe.  There is a bedtime, you must wear booties in the house, the party is planned down to the nearest cricket, and Tiffany has more structure than a cinderblock.  Tiffany did say that if she could describe her childhood in one word, it would be “lonely.”  It doesn’t sound like she had many friends, but that could be presumptuous.

Tiffany Moon joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Dallas for season 5, but fitting in might be her hardest test yet.

It is a bit sad to see her try and assimilate into a big group of women without knowing how to have fun.  And that’s not to say it is totally a bad thing because she is a doctor and has major responsibilities, but it is a little sad.  Also, it is important to note that we are in the middle of a pandemic and Tiffany likely has better things to do at her job (such as saving lives), but it comes with the territory of filming.

On the flip side of things, the rest of the women appear to have made up their minds about Tiffany already.  At one point during the pizza party, she thought feeding the women cricket pizza would be funny.  Spoiler alert: it was not funny.  Brandi Redmond lost her mind and got sick in the bathroom.

Tiffany has her work cut out for her – outside of the hospital.  At least her husband enjoyed the party…because the rest of the women did not.

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