RHOD: D’Andra Simmons prepares for scenes with notes

D'Andra Simmons (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
D'Andra Simmons (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images) /

D’Andra Simmons says she preps for filming for The Real Housewives of Dallas by taking notes on previous scenes and preparing her points ahead of time.

Earlier this week,  D’Andra Simmons spoke to Page Six about how she prepares for filming scenes on The Real Housewives of Dallas.  D’Andra said that she will look over the situations that have happened recently during filming and she will prep for the next time by taking notes.  “I will make my own notes about what points I want to get across,” she told Page Six.

D’Andra went on to say that she felt it was important to be able to get her point across in certain scenes because if something happens and you forget to bring up an important point, you cannot go back!  Ultimately, this makes D’Andra overprepared for situations.  Usually, you can tell when a housewife is rehearsed and has practiced their one-liners (cough NeNe Leakes cough), but D’Andra still seems to deliver her scenes very naturally.

Of course, just because D’Andra is prepared, doesn’t mean things will go as she thinks they will.  The other ladies seem a lot more spontaneous and definitely are not practicing beforehand, except for maybe Kameron Westcott pretending to be cute.  We can imagine that having some points outlined ahead of time for a conversation with someone like LeeAnne Locken would be helpful because she liked to pull things out of left field to derail conversations.  Having notes and points crafted to ensure your point gets across would be incredibly helpful!

D’Andra never comes across as rehearsed on the show, but she does come across as well-spoken and articulate.  If taking notes and preparing ahead of time is the reason, that makes a lot of sense!  Being prepared is different than being rehearsed, and it shows!

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Being a housewife is a job after all, but it is interesting to get a peek at what goes on prior to filming The Real Housewives of Dallas.

D’Andra Simmons & The Real Housewives of Dallas will be back on Bravo every Tuesday.