Below Deck Mediterranean: Tom Checketts has the skills…and the attitude

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN, Captain Sandy Yawn (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo)
BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN, Captain Sandy Yawn (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo) /

Captain Sandy Yawn wanted a Michelin star chef for Below Deck Mediterranean, but she got the diva attitude along with the skills in Tom Checketts.

Captain Sandy Yawn is taking this season of Below Deck Mediterranean to big places!  Just kidding.  She’s running this ship directly into the ocean floor with her leadership, and with the help of Malia White.  Malia’s focus is Tom Checketts, and Sandy’s focus is…to be determined.  Tom’s focus is on the food but he’s throwing pots and pans and frozen oysters to make his point which sort of invalidates what he’s trying to do.

To be fair, Tom ordered fresh fish and got frozen fish for the third time.  However, his attitude is that of Paris Hilton receiving over-toasted toast and sending it back to the kitchen.  And while Malia is bosun and is supposed to be in control of things that happen above-deck, she’s still spending her time wiping away Tom’s tears in the cooler.

Tom Checketts’ impeccable reputation!

Tom is worried about his reputation being worried due to cooking frozen fish and chicken breasts.  Even though the guests seem fine with the food, he swears his reputation is being sacrificed in order to save the charter.  Um, did anyone know who Tom was before he got on The Wellington, besides Malia?  Does an unknown person have a reputation?  If nothing else, his insane freakouts over frozen fish have been more detrimental to his reputation than chicken breasts.

Sandy has said before that she wanted a Michelin star-quality chef.  What Sandy got was a chef who worked around Michelin star chef’s but happened to acquire the diva-attitude without having the skill.  Oh, the sweet, sweet, irony.  “Thank you,” Tom said to Aesha Scott before turning around, throwing his towel, and screaming, “[Expletive] HELL!”

In previous Below Deck seasons, we have not seen the bosun get involved in the interior much.  It just doesn’t make sense seeing as most of what they are doing is above-deck.  Malia seems to have taken on a different kind of role this season where she thinks she’s some kind of co-captain.  She’s always in the galley, getting involved in other crew members bunks, talking poorly about the former chef and his spaghetti, and helping cook.

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Did Malia promote herself to captain and we missed it?  Lest we forget, Malia is responsible for the squeegee job on the windows every morning and for the water toys.  The bosun is important to the overall running of the ship, but it would surely run without her pouring gazpacho into bowls for Tom.

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