Below Deck Mediterranean: Is Tom Checketts a monster?

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN, Malia White (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo)
BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN, Malia White (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo) /

Tom Checketts seems like a lovely and unhinged addition to the crew of Below Deck Mediterranean, especially when it comes to mussels.

After many changes to the original cast on this season of Below Deck Mediterranean, Tom Checketts seems to have settled in to his position as chef aboard The Wellington.  And by that, we mean he’s obviously not afraid of being a dick to anyone when something goes wrong in the galley.  This week, the provisions company sent one kilo of frozen mussels instead of two kilos of fresh mussels.

For that mistake, the crew paid dearly.  Even though it wasn’t Aesha Scott’s fault at all, Tom seemed to be taking it out on her simply because she was around.  Christine “Bugsy” Drake got some attitude, too.  In addition to that, Tom was incredibly rude to the provisions people.  He even said frozen mussels are for people who don’t have tastebuds.  Like okay, what did frozen mussels do to you, Tom?

To be fair, not getting what you ordered is annoying but Tom’s behavior is a little bit psychotic.  He’s yelling and banging around in the kitchen due to the lack of fresh mussels.  Tom went to the room he forcefully took from Hannah Ferrier to get some quality time with Malia White when the guests requested cucumbers.  Sandy Yawn chose to radio Tom for the cucumber at that time.

At that the same time, Aesha walked into the kitchen and became the object of Tom’s anger for absolutely no reason.  When they requested avocado upon delivery of the cucumbers, Tom acted like Aesha had requested 100 pieces of fresh sushi.  “Calm down with the waterworks,” he told her in a condescending tone

Tom was upset that someone could not take the initiative and chop up a cucumber.  But is that really someone else’s responsibility?  What do you even do with the cucumber once it is chopped up?  Same for the avocado.

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Aesha seemed to be having a wave of homesickness around the same time that cucumbergate was going down and the whole thing was overwhelming.  Tom seems to have a fuse the size of a grape and once it has burned through, good luck to everyone around him.  What a lovely match for Malia!

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