Below Deck: Malia White conveniently helped get rid of Hannah Ferrier

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN, Hannah Ferrier (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo)
BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN, Hannah Ferrier (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo) /

Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White are not the shining examples of women in leadership on Below Deck Mediterranean that we thought they were.

Last week’s Below Deck Mediterranean ended with Captain Sandy Yawn telling Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran he was done after the charter was over.  After that, the preview showed Hannah Ferrier having some kind of meltdown. The following morning, Kiko was in the galley and Sandy walked in with some serial killer grin as if she hadn’t fired him the night before.

So once Kiko finished his contractual obligations and cooked for the guests, he was out before the tip meeting even began.  The fact that Malia White is bringing her boyfriend on to conveniently replace a crew member AND she (presumably) went to Sandy to tell her Hannah had prescription drugs on board makes us think she’s a snake in the grass.

Malia threw her co-workers under the bus for her own benefit.  Of course, Malia wants Hannah gone, Christine “Bugsy” Drake is her best friend.  Bugsy even noted she would normally not stoop to a position below chief stew, so now Malia will assist her in getting that position back.

It seems like Bugsy and Malia might have been planning this all along.  For two people that are so hellbent on redefining positions for women in yachting, both Malia and Sandy came so far just to be petty and hypocritical.  If Hannah comes to Sandy about something, she almost always sides with the other party and tells Hannah to make it work.  But if someone comes to Sandy about Hannah, she certainly is going to take Hannah to task over it.

When Hannah had an issue with Lara Flumiani, Sandy basically said it wasn’t a big deal.  When Malia had a problem with Pete Hunziker, they had an entire crew meeting over it and Sandy was very stern with Pete.  Same with João Franco.  João was terrible to Hannah all season but Sandy didn’t mind, but when Pete did it to Bugsy – his career was almost over before it began!

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The environment on this boat is toxic but if they wanted to clean house to make their own perfect little cherry-picked crew with extra accessories in their hair, I guess that mission is almost accomplished.  So much for earning respect for women in the yachting industry, though.

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