RHOBH: Cedric Martinez has a lot of dirt on Lisa Vanderpump

VANDERPUMP RULES, Lisa Vanderpump (Photo by: Trae Patton/Bravo)
VANDERPUMP RULES, Lisa Vanderpump (Photo by: Trae Patton/Bravo) /

Lisa Vanderpump and Cedric Martinez were the best of friends, but he wants to set the record straight that it was all smoke and mirrors on RHOBH.

If you watched the early seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you probably remember Lisa Vanderpump’s houseguest, Cedric Martinez.  Cedric was a staple in her personal scenes back in the day, always home or out assisting Lisa in some manner.  You could find Cedric at Villa Blanca, driving her Bentley, or just at home chatting it up.  But then Cedric suddenly disappeared.  Lisa was adamant Cedric was like a son to her, and then one day he wasn’t.

In 2011, Lisa told Us Weekly they had a falling out over his laziness around the house.  Ken Todd said that Cedric threatened to sell stories about the couple to magazines and also threatened violence.  Lisa said she felt “absolutely betrayed” but Cedric said they just got bored of him.  The “he said, she said,” went on for a while until Cedric drifted out of the limelight and moved back to England.

However, Cedric seems to be ready to spill some more Vanderpump secrets these days.  He’s taken to his personal Instagram to “shed some light” on what really happened.  It seems that perhaps he had an NDA in place that prevented him from doing so before, but that has now expired.

Upon hearing that Villa Blanca had closed, Cedric went on a rant.  The rant contained all the elements of an unbelievable statement, including sexual innuendo, blatant racism, and an accusation that Lisa was paying her close friend commission for a home monthly, instead of in a one-time payment like is customary.  Wild accusations but without any real proof.

Cedric shared a legal notice from Lisa and Ken’s lawyers in 2011 concerning “defamatory statements” and requested he no longer visit their properties or he could face arrest.  He’s posted many legal documents and emails from lawyers throughout his Instagram.

He always went on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, where he discussed that when Lisa tried out for the show, Cedric was an added bonus for her character arc.  A gay houseguest that isn’t related to you at all?  The perfect addition.  Cedric said that by the time Bravo producers called Lisa back, they were no longer on good terms.  At her request, he moved back in and the rest is a very messy history.

Lisa spoke to The Daily Dish about Cedric back in April, noting that she and Lance Bass knew each other through his relationship with Cedric.  She seemed to not want to delve further into that conversation, rightfully so.  But Cedric has been on a rampage for the last year via rambling Instagram posts.

Everyone who has been close with Lisa has the same story to tell.  She can’t be trusted, she sells stories to tabloids, her empire is a house of cards just waiting to be knocked down.  Unfortunately for Cedric, even with an expired NDA, he doesn’t seem to be garnering the attention he needs to move on with his life.

He seems to have a lot of information about Lisa and Todd, but his method of getting the information out isn’t really working.  It comes across as slanderous and unprofessional, not that he really cares.

Both sides of the argument are sad.  If Lisa is guilty of what he is accusing her of, it really does come off as pathetic.  However, Cedric’s inability to move on from (what he calls) a tepid working relationship ten years ago could also be labeled as pathetic.

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If someone is going to take the Lisa Vanderpump empire down, it probably won’t be because of length Instagram captions on screenshots of decade-old television shows.

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