Below Deck Mediterranean: Bugsy brought the thunder and the positivity!

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN, Hannah Ferrier (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo)
BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN, Hannah Ferrier (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo) /

This episode of Below Deck Mediterranean went well, for the most part, thanks to teamwork, a poker game, and Bugsy’s positive attitude.

This week’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean brought a lot of positivity, surprisingly enough.  Hannah Ferrier wasn’t thrilled that Christine Drake aka Bugsy was back but unfortunately for Hannah, Bugsy is a hard worker.  If Hannah hates one thing, it’s probably table decor.  If Captain Sandy Yawn loves one thing, it’s probably table decor.  If Bugsy excels at one thing, it’s probably table decor.  Therefore, Bugsy killed it with the table decor!

The guests seem to really enjoy a decorated table no matter the occasion.  So even though there were no oysters present at first and they didn’t make it off the dock, the guests seemed pleased.

For the deck crew, while Peter Hunziker was supposed to be fired and edited out, he’s been in a lot of scenes being quite rude.  On the other hand, Malia White had a productive conversation with Robert Westergaard and gave him positive feedback.

Malia seems to be settling quite nicely into her new position and had some creative ideas to entertain the guests while stuck on the dock.

If they were down one stew for this group of people, it would have been a disaster.  Bugsy was able to help serve while Hannah slept in.  She also has a good attitude because she is freshly on the boat while the rest of the group has been there for a few days already.

But on another note, would it kill Sandy to compliment someone else?  Anytime Bugsy opens her eyes and takes a breath, Sandy remarks on how great she is at opening her eyes.  Bugsy carries a plate and Sandy says, “Wow.  Great work.”  Poor Hannah is working her butt off and all she gets is that the laundry room is disorganized.

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If anyone plays favorites, it’s Captain Sandy.  But hey, at least she has some favorites, right?  Tablescapes?  Favorite!  Bugsy?  Favorite!  Positivity!

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