Vanderpump Rules: Jax Taylor stepped down from Just Add X?

VANDERPUMP RULES, Tom Sandoval, Jax Taylor, Tom Schwartz (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)
VANDERPUMP RULES, Tom Sandoval, Jax Taylor, Tom Schwartz (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo) /

Vanderpump Rules #1 guy in the group, Jax Taylor, apparently had to step down from his own beverage company due to his old insensitive tweets.

Many fans and viewers of Vanderpump Rules have been calling for Jax Taylor to be fired after Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were last week.  Many of the old tweets and comments that got Jax in trouble before have resurfaced and it doesn’t look good for him.  One of the comments on Ashley Martson of 90 Day Fiance’s Instagram post, according to Us Weekly, came from Jax.  On the photo of her husband Jay Smith, Jax commented, “Your mans nose is the size of his head…”   According to US Weekley, a tweet sent to Faith Stowers read, “She’s wanted by the police for grand theft auto and ‘awol’ from military, bad idea to be on a reality show dude.”

Jax was working on a cocktail mixer company, Just Add X, with NSYNC’s Lance Bass before the world went into quarantine and the cast of Vanderpump Rules fell apart.  On the most recent episode of The Daily Popcast with Lance Bass, titled, The One with Our Reality Roundup, Lance actually said that Jax was stepping down from the company due to his current personal issues.  Imagine having to step down from a company that you literally named after yourself?  Embarrassing.  All of the items available on the website are sold out.

Lance also said, “I don’t see him lasting much longer,” in reference to his time on Bravo.  Apparently, when Lance asked Jax about the comment last week, he said, “But Jewish people have big noses!”  As if that makes his comment okay.  Lance seemed a little blind sighted by Jax but the pair have been friends for years, and Jax has been problematic for years.

Lance also noted that he agreed with Bravo’s decision to fire Stassi and Kristen.  “I think it’s so necessary to teach a lesson right now.”  He said that those being fired are being used as an example and he hoped they would learn from it.  Jax has not commented on the issue at all, but he was posting modified golf carts on his Instagram story this weekend.

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So, it seems the work is not done yet for Bravo.  But at this point, is it even worth keeping the show around?  It seems that viewers aren’t going to let these things go, and rightfully so.

Vanderpump Rules is on Bravo….for reruns.