Below Deck Med: Lara Flumiani might be the least friendly person ever?

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN, Lara Flumiani (Photo by: Laurent Basset/Bravo)
BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN, Lara Flumiani (Photo by: Laurent Basset/Bravo) /

Below Deck Mediterranean is known for its diverse cast tossed together on a mega yacht but is Lara Flumiani the least friendly cast member ever?

Being on a mega-yacht in the middle of the ocean on Below Deck Mediterranean sounds like a dream, but only if you aren’t working on it.  Sure, it can be stressful and hard work, but Lara Flumiani is acting like her job is cleaning dirty litter boxes in the dark 24/7.  She’s rude, abrasive, and though she might be doing her work, she’s complaining about it the entire time.

Lara is Italian and has been working in the yachting industry for almost a decade before joining the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean.  She claims she is usually a chief stew which is Hannah Ferrier’s position currently.  Unfortunately for both Lara and Hannah, Lara does not seem to be taking her position as a second stew very well.

Hannah called Lara in to speak with her and Lara’s first remark was, “What do you want?”  She followed that up with, “The more you piss me off, the less I will work.”  Lara was smiling and laughing as she told Hannah she didn’t really care that she was upset.  If Lara was upset that she didn’t have enough responsibility as second stew….this probably wasn’t the right way to go about saying that.

At one point, Lara even asked Hannah if she could read.  Instead of helping out when called on, she wants to dissect the sentences used to ask her and have a confrontation about every word.  Then most of the time she just walks away.  Being combative in such tight quarters is a recipe for disaster.  Is it just a problem with authority in general or a problem with Hannah, specifically?

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It appears Lara goes missing in action during the next episode and abandons the crew for a bit.  “I feel her energy…she’s nice to me.”  Classic Sandy Yawn.  Captain Sandy might have to take some corrective action before they get too far into the charter season.

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