Below Deck Mediterranean: Micromanaging through the waters of Spain

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN -- Pictured: (l-r) Captain Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier, Aesha Scott -- (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)
BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN -- Pictured: (l-r) Captain Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier, Aesha Scott -- (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo) /

Below Deck Mediterranean is off to a brilliant start with the inter-crew drama and Captain Sandy Yawn micromanaging right out of the port.

Below Deck Mediterranean is back for season five!  Captain Sandy Yawn and Hannah Ferrier are quite the duo together, mostly because they hate each other.  Malia White is bosun this season and seems to have matured in her time away from Below Deck.  Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran, the chef, seemed ready to work.  Sandy decided to scare him instead of helping build his confidence which is her M.O.

Lara Flumiani seemed incredibly uptight and catty in her first few minutes on the show, while Jessica More seemed a bit more chill, noting she has previously done nails and been a Hooters girl.  Lara arrived with eight seasons under her belt and she let Hannah know it.

Pete Hunziker aka “Party Pete” showed up looking like he was ready to rave and eat chicken wings.  If you have to call yourself an Italian stallion, you are probably not an Italian stallion.  Alex Radcliffe and Jessica actually know each other from a previous job, and Robert Westergaard was a model before getting into yachting!  Pete called Malia “sweetheart” a few times which wasn’t a great start for him.  It looks like he might be the deckhand that was asked to respect women in the preview.  Pete mentioned he has been in the yacht industry for about ten years so he’s surely going to have a lot to say about Malia and her experience.

Almost all of the guests commented on how good the food was, but Sandy seemed to be prompting them to complain.  She even mentioned that they had paid a lot of money for the vacation and they should enjoy the food.  Only after that did the main charter guest complain.  When Sandy tried the shrimp for herself, she commented that it was delicious but it wasn’t firm.  She was circling like a shark any time the food was delivered.  One of Sandy’s main criticisms is that she has a tendency to micromanage…I can’t imagine why though.

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Overall, the drama between the cast members started early on and it is clear who is going to have issues with one another.  Lara and Hannah definitely hate each other after less than 24 hours so we are in good shape for the rest of the season.  Cheers to that!

Below Deck Mediterranean is on Bravo Monday nights at 9 PM ET!