Southern Charm: With filming temporarily suspended again, what is the cast up to?

SOUTHERN CHARM -- "Rocky Mountain High Part Two" Episode 611 -- Pictured: Kathryn Dennis -- (Photo by: Thomas Cooper/Bravo)
SOUTHERN CHARM -- "Rocky Mountain High Part Two" Episode 611 -- Pictured: Kathryn Dennis -- (Photo by: Thomas Cooper/Bravo) /

The cast of Southern Charm had just started filming again when production was temporarily suspended, but two of them are living together for now!

Southern Charm has had a rough go at filming for the upcoming seventh season.  At the end of last year, it was widely rumored that two new cast members had been brought on and had filmed with the group.  At some point, the footage was reviewed and was deemed too boring before it was totally scrapped.  The crew was told they would resume filming after the holidays with some additional adjustments to the cast, and it did.

Naomie Olindo, Chelsea Meissner, and Austen Kroll were seen filming for an event in February.  Danni Baird and Kathryn Dennis were seen filming, as was Craig Conover.  Two new cast members were also brought on based on social media posts.  But in March, filming for all major shows was suspended, Southern Charm included.  Since then, the cast has been active on social media fulling their time chatting with fans.

Where is everyone?

Austen and Craig were even quarantining together, spending their time cooking, sewing, and drinking.  A lot of drinking.  Austen, Craig, and Whitney Sudler-Smith spent St. Patrick’s day together, albeit very far apart.  They sat in the driveway of Patricia Altschul’s home to drink some bourbon.

Kathryn Dennis has been home with the kids for the most part, same with Cameran Eubanks.  Cameran’s husband, Jason Wimberly, is an anesthesiologist and has been working extra long hours these days to assist on the front lines.

Naomie Olindo has been working from home for her company, L’abeye.  The model for every new item on her website is herself, so perhaps she’s been a one-woman-team working from home.

It came out last month that Thomas Ravenel was apparently expecting his third child with a nurse in Charleston.  We doubt Thomas is going to be involved with the show, but his drama permeates the group anyway.

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The show usually airs throughout the summer, historically premiering between March and April, but that clearly will not be the case this year.  Hopefully, the cast is enjoying the extra time off and is ready to come back as soon as it is safe!

Southern Charm will be back later in 2020!