RHOA: Nene Leakes is being super messy on her YouTube channel

Nene Leakes has come for Kandi Burruss in her most recent YouTube video calling her “mean and nasty” from the comfort of her couch.

Nene Leakes must be bored while stuck in her house because she decided to stir up a ton of drama on her YouTube channel earlier in the week.  The video, titled Live from Casa Leakes was streamed live on March 16.  Nene called out her fellow RHOA co-star, Kandi Burruss, and said production should bring Phaedra Parks back because Kandi said she wouldn’t return if they did.

“Kandi is always doing all her stuff, being mean and nasty in her interviews,” and went on to say that Kandi is always in everyone else’s business but doesn’t let anyone get involved in hers.  Nene spent most of the season trying to make amends with the ladies only to turn around and un-do all of her work once the season wrapped.

The reunion was scheduled to be filmed soon but has been postponed.  Later in the stream, Nene said she didn’t mind leaving the show, but she was quick to note that the other cast members could not carry the show without her.  “I’ve carried it on my back for many seasons and I built the foundation.”

If you remember, Phaedra “left” the show after she told Porsha Williams that Kandi was allegedly going to drug and assault Porsha.  Phaedra was ultimately fired after it came out that Phaedra was only repeating unsubstantiated rumors.

But on the After Show after the episode aired, Kandi and Kenya Moore called out Porsha for being friends with Nene again.  Kandi said that Porsha was the main one who said the ladies shouldn’t make up with Nene – only to be the one who extended that olive branch first.  Nene said she was on Kandi’s side throughout the whole Phaedra drama but Kandi never backs her up these days.

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Now that the reunion hasn’t been filmed, it will be super interesting to see what happens with Kandi and Nene whenever it does get filmed.  Oh, to be a fly on those walls!

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