RHOA: Nene Leakes admitted she and Gregg have an open relationship

Is the big secret about Nene Leakes about to come tumbling out?  It seems like every day is a new rumor about her relationship with Gregg Leakes…

After Wendy Williams spilled the beans on air about her good friend Nene Leakes “quitting” something, things have been happening quickly with Nene.  Soon after that, she hired Lisa Bloom,  a sleazy but high profile attorney once employed to harass victims of Harvey Weinstein.  But Nene has been quiet about what she was actually quitting and why the RHOA star needed an attorney in the first place.

Rumors about the couple having an “open marriage” were supposedly part of Nene’s storyline this year, but her storyline seems to have been all but left on the cutting room floor.  Now Nene has spoken out about a former employee, Juanita Marshall, at her Swagg Boutique that Page Six is reporting had an affair with Gregg.

There’s no confirmation of this yet, but it was a hot topic on the blogs at the start of the season.  Just this week, Nene was on the Lip Service podcast with Angela Yee.  Nene said that Gregg has taken free passes she didn’t even give.  “If you are going to cheat, your relationship is open anyway.”

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She basically said she doesn’t mind if Gregg steps out, as long as she doesn’t know about it.  She also said she would tell him to go if he asked because she’s going to do what she wants to do anyway.

Nene went on to say that she expects Gregg to stay with his family and with his wife, but he’s allowed to do whatever, and whomever, he wants.  So it doesn’t seem like Gregg and Nene aren’t cheating on one another…they are both just having relationships outside of their marriage?  Hey, whatever works I guess.

Nene mentioned that Gregg and one of her employees did have a relationship and she found out about it during a staff meeting when someone else mentioned Mr. Gregg and the staff member were facetiming.

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Gregg said that Nene wasn’t there for her when he needed her, which led him to chat with Juanita.  It sounds like we will see the “open marriage” conversation on this Sunday’s episode which should be interesting.

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