RHONY: Do The Real Housewives of New York have the best cast trips?

Going on a cast trip with your fellow RHONY castmates is a requirement, a blessing, and a nuisance at the same time – but makes for great TV.

For whatever reason, The Real Housewives of New York tend to have the most entertaining cast trips out of all of the franchises.  They’ve gone to Mexico, Colombia, Montana, Miami.  Perhaps the reason RHONY has the best trips is that they have the best cast, not necessarily the destinations.

When RHONY went to Miami in season 11 because Luann De Lesseps couldn’t leave the country, it gave us some epic scenes.  Bethenny Frankel told an absolutely annihilated Sonja Morgan to go to bed and Sonja replied, “You guys are not hot.”  Sonja promptly slid out of her chair, knocking her face into the solid marble table on the way down.

The cast went to Cartagena, Colombia during season 10.  The ladies went to an island for a fun day in the sun when apparently the coast guard told the boat it had to leave due to rough seas.  Sonja peed her pants and called the yacht a tugboat, but then the [expletive] really hit the fan.  An alarm started going off and everyone could smell smoke.

According to Luann, the captain came running up with swards like a pirate (she would know).  Apparently, in the rough seas, the anchor deployed and the boat couldn’t get it reeled back in.  This caused the alarm to go off and smoke to start filling the boat, so he cut the anchor.  The experience was so bad production had to stop filming because they were “holding on for dear life.”

But the best of all is the classic scary island episode way back in season three.  The cast headed to St. John.  Kelly Killoren Bensimon was there in all of her unhinged glory.  She came to the dinner table ranting about Al Sharpton while eating jelly beans.  “Oh, my God, Al Sharpton! Al Sharpton!”

Sonja tried to get Bethenny to back off by saying, “Now you’re making fun of a crazy person.”  Production said the stuff that went down off-camera was even crazier than what happened on camera.  We weren’t privy to that as viewers, but they did say Kelly left the island by the time the sun went up the next morning.

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This episode also provided us with Ramona Singer’s catchphrase, turtle time.  Ramona shouted at Bethenny “Hey! Can you do turtle time for 15 seconds?”  Which basically meant a quick dance holding a wine glass.

The Real Housewives of New York City will be back on April 2, 2020.

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