Vanderpump Rules: Jax Taylor and his Twitter rampages

Jax Taylor spends a lot of time on Twitter telling people he doesn’t care, but why does he block so many people if he doesn’t care?

If you aren’t blocked by Jax Taylor on Instagram, consider yourself lucky.  If you have been blocked, consider yourself not alone.  One wrong character and boom – blocked by Jax.  There is even a shirt on Etsy that says “Blocked by Jax on Twitter.”  But Jax live tweets the show and spends a lot of time replying to viewers about nonsense and has recently gone on a rampage about his Vanderpump Rules co-star, Tom Sandoval.

Most of the tweets have since been deleted, but Jax had a lot to say.  He mentioned that Tom only does nice things for people when they are filming and that he only cares about his looks.  Jax is riled up that Tom allegedly said Ariana Madix’s brother, Jeremy, couldn’t work at TomTom due to his appearance.  There’s no confirmation of any of this, by the way.  Jax claims Jeremy told him at dinner in the following tweet.

So basically, Jax is unhinged.  After he removed Tom from his wedding party and added Randall Emmett randomly, we knew it was bad.  Both Tom and Ariana ended up being in the wedding based on the wedding photos.

But Tom isn’t alone, anyone who mentions Jax on twitter is bound to get an…eyefull.  Especially if Jax is bored that day.  Just yesterday he tweeted out that cruises are “nasty” and should have been canceled months ago due to the threat of coronavirus (um, why?).

It seems like Jax takes all of his insecurities out on Twitter, and his best friends.  When Ariana brought up the fact that she felt it was wrong to hire a pastor who hated the LBGTQ community, Lala Kent, Jax, and Brittany had a field day talking about her.

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At this point, it seems like Jax hates people who don’t blindly support him and question any of his motives, be in Tom on Twitter or some random person surfing the #PumpRules hashtag.  All I know is…I hope he doesn’t block me after this.

Vanderpump Rules is on Bravo every Tuesday at 9 PM!

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