Vanderpump Rules: Ariana Madix confided in Lala Kent, Lala told everyone else

After watching Lala Kent pretend she cares about Ariana Madix only to sell her out to the rest of the crew, it is clear Lala only cares about Lala.

Lala Kent pretended she cared about Adriana Madix’s feelings earlier in the season only to sell her out to Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright during a filmed Vanderpump Rules dinner.  But to add insult to injury, Lala also told the whole group that Ariana was feeling like “driving her car off a bridge” right before she arrived at her own birthday party.

“I just think she’s a wet blanket,” Lala said to Brittany over dinner.  She continued, saying that there were two sides to Ariana.  “There’s this fun chick who is twerking on you and then there’s this other side that isn’t happy for her friends.”  It’s almost as if Ariana is depressed, Lala.

When in her interview, Lala said if she knew this was how Ariana was feeling, she would have done something about it.  And then she did.  She gossiped to Stassi Schroeder et all how terrible Ariana had been feeling in an effort to…be a bad friend?  Unsure.  But in a moment of confidence between friends, Ariana let Lala in, and Lala went and told everyone by shouting it across the bar.

Ariana said that she didn’t feel safe in the group discussing certain serious topics, and uh, that’s exactly what she was talking about.

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In an unrelated note, Lala also thought it was okay to wear a white dress to the wedding rehearsal.  If there’s only one rule about weddings we know, it’s that you don’t wear white.  I hope they all wear white to her rehearsal dinner.

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