Real Housewives of Atlanta: The integration of unofficial media and blogs

The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been including various blogs, YouTube channels, clips from interviews, and other off-show media.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is one of the first franchises to include other media platforms into the show.  The integration of social media, blogs, self-filmed segments and other bits that break the fourth wall are an interesting new addition to the show. Atlanta is one of the only franchises that mentions blogs and other news outlets in relation to the drama on the show.

Hot off the press

Love B. Scott, a popular blog, had the whole note written by Nene Leakes ahead of time, which led a lot of viewers to think Nene shared her note with the blogger ahead of time.  The episode also showed an interview with Nene on The Morning Hustle talking about Cynthia Bailey ahead of time.  A Celebrity Insider article about Cynthia saying “Nene made everything about her – including Gregg’s cancer,” was shown as well.

Off-camera interviews

While the show was filming / on break, a lot of drama happened that was not captured by Bravo cameras.  It’s interesting to see those bits filled in with other non-Bravo segments.  In the most recent RHOA episode, Nene and Cynthia were arguing about all of the interviews the ladies did talking about one another.

Since we didn’t get to see the arguments that took place while Bravo wasn’t filming, it kind of filled in the missing pieces.  By the way, Nene is still mad that Cynthia pretended she didn’t know Kenya Moore was showing up to the finale party.

There were also personal cell phone videos included by both women.  I enjoy seeing the bits and pieces that were not included in “official” filming and think it adds another element to the show – but the sheer amount of media can be overwhelming.  In this instance, I think it was helpful to see the comments Cynthia and Nene were referencing instead of just mentioning “what you said that one time.”

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Do you think it was helpful to see the drama that happened off-camera?  Or would you prefer it was just mentioned and glossed over?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is on every Sunday at 8 PM!

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