RHOA: Are we seeing the conception of a brand new Cynthia Bailey?

Cynthia Bailey -- (Photo by: Steve Dietl/Bravo)
Cynthia Bailey -- (Photo by: Steve Dietl/Bravo) /

Since dubbing herself “Fiddy Cynt”, RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey ha become a new person. Whether parsing one of several different examples, “MUVA” has a new attitude.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is always packed to the brim with attitude. Whether it be the passive kind, such as that associated with a certain look, style, or demeanor, or whether it be the active version such as a full-on argument or fisticuffs, it is an overarching theme of RHOA.  What we aren’t used to seeing is attitude in any fashion or of any magnitude from Cynthia Bailey. The former supermodel has typically been of a more docile and/or measured demeanor in previous seasons, but no more.

Early on in this season, we can already see that this new Cynthia Bailey or the more appropriately deemed “Fiddy Cynt”, is with the drama and ready for action. For starters, look no further than her outbursts during last season’s reunion.

In the opening of a video from Entertainment Tonight, you can hear the new and more ferocious Bailey barking back at NeNe Leakes on last year’s reunion, retorting “if NeNe wants to fall out over this petty a– s—, then let us fall out over it.”

Well, tell them how you really feel Cynthia

While that was the first example, and while you could kinda see it coming and building towards this point with Cynthia throughout last season, that isn’t the only example. In this newest season, her interactions with her new self proclaimed best friend provide another example.

On last week’s episode, there is this scene where Eva Marcille is preparing for an upcoming episode of the radio show she works for, Dish Nation. She receives a call from “MUVA”, her name for Cynthia, where they begin to discuss some of the recent happenings and group events. Bailey’s attitude towards certain things and the fervor in her voice is vastly different from what we have heard from her in the past.

No longer backing down

Whereas in the past she would have been more the moderator or mediating force betwixt certain parties, she now has a certain sense of being “fed up” about her, which is again apparent in her tone when she speaks on certain issues. While it isn’t a bad thing, it’s just different than what we are used to seeing and hearing from her, but we aren’t complaining either.

One of the last examples of mention comes in her interactions with her partner, Mike Hill. While again, Bailey has typically been more reserved, passive, and docile in previous seasons, she is seemingly ready to take what she wants. Right now, it’s a proposal from Hill that she wants.

While we didn’t see a ton of that talk in the second episode of the season, it will be an overshadowing theme of the entire season based on what we saw in episode one. This new forceful, demanding, and forthcoming Cynthia Bailey is someone we haven’t seen before, but it definitely adds something to her character and the show.

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While it’s hard to say where things are going specifically from here, we do know that Cynthia won’t be the doormat used to wipe your feet as others head that way. Regardless, things should be quite entertaining as we continue to progress through the season. One thing we know for sure though, Cynthia Bailey is with the drama this season, all of it.

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