RHOBH: Denise hasn’t quit and she needs help with her tagline

Finally, RHOBH is working on tag lines for season 10!  Denise Richards asked for help with hers and tweeted that she had not quit the show.

After Andy Cohen tweeted that the RHOBH trailer was still a month away on January 15, fans were beginning to wonder how far behind production was.  Wikipedia shows an estimated date of March 2020 for the season 10 premiere and Denise Richards asked for help with a tagline earlier this week on twitter.  This means that production is getting closed to a full trailer release AND that Denise isn’t quitting!

The responses on Twitter are great, but it’s nice to know she is returning.  I would imagine that Lisa Rinna and Brandi Glanville did their best to drum up interest by publicly talking about Denise, but she’s bound to get a good edit this season.  Especially if she was even considering leaving.  It was discussed that Denise was busy with her work on other projects and didn’t want to go on the cast trip to Rome.  

Meanwhile, Brandi tweeted, “There’s only one person @Andy that truly knows if a housewife will be returning for another season or if they have exhausted their story #fact.”  Which is very on-brand for her vague tweeting to make people think she is more involved than she is.  Back in December, she claimed she had been drugged, and later in the month had been “Denise’d.” 

I wonder if Andy is going to ask Brandi about a tagline for her return?  Probably not.  Denise brings calmness and realness to the cast that I don’t think is present in any of the other ladies.

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Erika Jayne is calm, but she is also very rehearsed about what she says and how she says it.  Denise shows up in shorts from Express with her hair in a bun and is ready to drink tequila, which I think a lot of viewers relate to.  Not that many relate to Brandi and her sloppy ways…hopefully.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be back later this year on Bravo. 

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