Tamra Judge was offered 3 episodes to wrap up her storylines but declined

Tamra Judge wasted no time burning bridges once she announced she was done with RHOC.  An immature but entertaining choice.

Oh, to be a fit fly on the wall of Cut Fitness while Tamra Judge was no doubt shouting at Eddie Judge for no reason.  Since the news broke about Tamra’s departure from RHOC, the social media accounts of Tamra, Vicki Gunvalson, Andy Cohen…and everyone else involved have been going wild.  A source told  E! News that Tamra was offered three episodes to wrap up her storylines and say goodbye, but she declined the offer.

Andy tweeted a response to Tamra’s statement and said, “An unprecedented run from a woman who was always entertaining, surprising and dramatic – and never ever aged.”  Whew, that’s a little different that his post to Vicki, isn’t it?  Tamra did not reply to his reply.

In the comments of Tamra’s Instagram post, Shannon Beador commented to say, “You will always be my ride or die, soul sister and friend for life.”  Tamra promptly unfollowed Shannon, Bravo, Andy, the production company Evolution, and Braunwyn Windham-Burke.  I guess she does not reciprocate the feelings “friends for life” part.  By Monday morning, Tamra re-followed Shannon.

During a recent episode of Bravo’s After Show, Tamra felt that the show was dark – and that she contributed to that darkness.  Part of the problem was that Tamra’s storyline didn’t go anywhere.  She had some normal children who don’t like her, and/or the show, and one who has some serious issues and only wants to discuss politics.

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Her days of working out in the Empty Cut fitness gym or getting baptized only to drop that act once it was done serving its purpose..there wasn’t much left.  She did a good job of stirring up drama, but she also alienated herself in the process. And now she’s taking no issue with dumping those that stood by her for so long.  What’s next for Tamra?  She’ll definitely be selling something on HSN or QVC in the next five years…

The Real Housewives of Orange County will be back later this year…

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